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Graduate of the Warner Brothers Comedy Writers' Workshop with many years of writing experience for commercial film, video and advertising. Sample scripts to read.

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  • Bouma, Bert - Screenwriter for television, film and interactive productions. Biography b and contact information.
  • Burroughs, Patricia - Screenwriter, award winner, novelist and teacher. Includes a screenwriting biography.
  • Barron, David and Irene - Features a description of Hotel California, their sci-fi mystery thriller. b Full contact information is provided.
  • Borst, Terry - Credits in film, television and interactive media. screenwriters Frequent speaker and lecturer on screenwriting\'s collision with screenwriters New Media.
  • Bake, Chris - Three original screenplays are available for perusal.
  • Ball, David A. - Graduate of the Warner Brothers Comedy Writers\\' Workshop screenwriters with many screenwriting years of writing experience for commercial screenwriters film, video and advertising. screenwriting Sample scripts to read.
  • Braat, Erik - Contains original scripts and projects ready for production.
  • Billingham, Mark - Crime novelist, film and television writer. Profile, reviews screenwriting and contact screenwriting information.
  • Boscutti, Stefano - Several screenplays are available for online reading.

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