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Sites devoted to one or more of the fictional characters from the Star Wars universe.

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See Also:
  • Realm of Royalty - Fansite dedicated to Princess Leia and Padme Amidala fans.
  • Steve-O's Super Star Wars - An introduction to the Star Wars characters.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter - Fan site dedicated to Padme Amidala and Leia star wars movies s Organa-Solo. With picture galleries, character comparisons and discussion star wars movies s board.
  • Someone Who Loves You - Fan site of Han and Leia. Pictures and star wars movies fan art.
  • The Ultimate Nien Nunb Page - Biographical page for the character. Includes sound downloads characters and merchandise characters information.
  • StarWars Family Tree - Genealogy of several families from the films with biographies and images.
  • The Other Side of the Sky - Site dedicated to Jaina Organa Solo, with character star wars movies characters information and pictures.
  • The Exar Kun Information and Essay Site - A site dedicated to Exar Kun; includes history, star wars movies essays, commentaries, a list of resources, and pictures.
  • The Royal Handmaiden Society - Aims to shed light on a group of characters of characters Star Wars Episodes I-III - the young women who aid characters the Queen of Naboo. Includes concept art, stills and merchandise.
  • Jedi Knight - Character biographies and pictures of several Jedi.
  • Go Rogue! - Character profiles and pictures of the members of s the X-wing characters squadron.
  • Imperial Chicks - Profiles, images, and fan fiction of Imperial Officers, star wars movies from their female fans.
  • Aunt Beru's Place - Extensive character information, pictures, and a cabbage stew s recipe.
  • Loyal Decoy: A Sabé Shrine - Information and images for Amidala's decoy.
  • Matt's Star Wars Personality Test - Find out which Star Wars character you are s most like.
  • Women of Star Wars - Profiles and pictures of the female characters and characters actresses.

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