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Your daily dose of Star Wars. News and rumors concerning the Star Wars movies, books, comics, toys, and games. Fan art, fan fiction, and links.

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Editor's Picks:* - Includes official news, information on episodes, and images.

  • Star Wars FAQ - Guides to the Star Wars universe.
  • The Development of Star Wars - As seen through the scripts by George Lucas.
  • Star Wars, The Magic of Myth - Former Smithsonian exhibit with over 200 props, costumes, star wars movies ship models, and production and conceptual artwork.
  • The StarWars Universe - Includes information on all the films, games, and star wars movies s the latest news.
  • MyTopix - Star Wars - News, movie and character information, forum and links.
  • Journal of the Whills - Pictures and sounds from the movies.
  • Star Wars Fans Site - site with chat, forums, and sorted links.
  • IGN Filmforce - News, cast list, message board, commentary and top s 10 lists.
  • Yahoo! The World of Star Wars - Pictures, character details, item information, toys, collectibles, related star wars movies star wars movies videos, the latest games, and an online community.
  • A Star Wars Jedi Council Page - Scripts, pictures, webrings, awards, planets guide, weapons guide, s aliens guide, titles creatures guide, technology guide, guestbook and s fan art.
  • Lucasfilm Ltd. - A history of Lucasfilm itself, with a compilation s of frequently-asked s questions, a list of employment opportunities, s and detailed information on s the Lucasfilm internship program.
  • The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costuming - Fan Maggie draws together pictures and information on the costumes titles used in the prequel trilogy, with tutorials on making copies.
  • Jedi Haven - A complete reference for true Star Wars fans.
  • Galactic Voyage - News, prequel information, pictures, ships, characters, links and star wars movies titles merchandise.
  • Star Wars Universe - News, biographies, lyrics, and mailing list.
  • - News about games, collectibles, and movies, with fan star wars movies art.
  • Phatooine - News, links, and forums.
  • The Case for the Empire - "The deep lesson of Star Wars is that titles the Empire is good." By Jonathan Last. [Daily titles Standard]
  • Shaven Wookie Ltd. - Multifaceted Star Wars site.
  • Star Wars Kids - Lucasfilm\\'s site for kids. Movie information, games, and behind the titles scenes features.
  • Star Wars United - Information on Star Wars conventions.
  • Star Wars Costumes - Dedicated to the making of Star Wars costumes and props. Pictures of custom-made outfits and reference photographs.
  • TIE Fighter Hangar Bay - Fan fiction, information on ships, planets, and characters, star wars movies star wars movies game reviews, and cheats.
  • - News, characters, vehicles, and pictures.
  • Star Wars Insurrection - Star Wars information, pictures, sounds and news.
  • LucasArts Entertainment Company - Includes product previews, tech support database, company store, star wars movies and job openings.
  • Del Rey Books - Specialist Science Fiction and Fantasy section of Random House, including titles Star Wars books.
  • Star Wars Chicks - News, galleries, character profiles, forums, and fan fiction.
  • Industrial Light and Magic - A special effects company and division of Lucas titles Digital. News, portraits, and job opportunities.
  • JediNet - A large site with prequel news, multimedia, literature, star wars movies s timline, and humor.
  • Allscifi Star Wars Scholarship - Scholarly commentary on topics such as how Boba Fett got star wars movies paid and why Jedi dress like Tattooine dirt farmers. Become star wars movies a scholar on the site.
  • NaboOnline - A Star Wars community with prequel news, message star wars movies star wars movies boards, and images.
  • The Parts of Star Wars - Information on the parts used to construct the star wars movies s movie props.
  • Hasbro's Star Wars Site - A complete list of all the action figures, vehicles, and playsets. Also offering exclusive figures online.
  • Star Wars: Caught on Tape - Analyzes such Star Wars oddities as the Donny s and Marie titles parody and the Holiday Special.
  • Galactic Gasbag - "Beneath all the pseudo-mythic Joseph Campbell hogwash, the star wars movies roots of George Lucas\\' empire lie not in star wars movies \\'The Odyssey\\' but in classic and pulp 20th star wars movies century sci-fi." By Steven Hart. [Salon]
  • Ben and Grover's Star Wars Universe - Features images, sounds, video, scripts, behind the scenes, toys, news titles and rumors.
  • The Jedi Lounge - News, movie information, video games, and multimedia.
  • "Star Wars" Despots vs. "Star Trek" Populists - "Why is George Lucas peddling an elitist, anti-democratic star wars movies star wars movies agenda under the guise of escapist fun?" By star wars movies star wars movies SF author David Brin. [Salon]
  • - Your daily dose of Star Wars. News and rumors concerning s the Star Wars movies, books, comics, toys, and games. Fan s art, fan fiction, and links.
  • - News and information prequels, books, games, and collecting.
  • Star Wars - Death Star - News, fan art, and wallpaper from all the Star Wars movies.
  • Echo Station - Star Wars information and links, and a chat star wars movies room.
  • Saga Journal - A monthly academic fan journal exploring the Star Wars saga. Includes archives, reviews, links, and polls.
  • Luukesabers - Descriptions and pictures of the lightsaber.

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