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For sites that concentrate on downloadable files like desktop themes, wallpaper, audio and video clips, software skins, screen savers, etc. These sites may also contain an artist's profile or other additional elements as long as the primary focus is on downloads of some form.

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See Also:
  • Dead Samples - Samples of Dead shows in MP3 format, available via FTP.
  • Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band Music - Download the Crusader Rabbit June 10, 2001 show in Real grateful dead Audio.
  • Blackbox FTP - FTP site devoted to the sharing and trading of rare and unusual recordings by a wide variety of bands. Everything from the Allmans to Zappa. Site listing and links to MP3, SHN and CD trading resources.
  • The Music of Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s - Multimedia clips from the folks that put out the CD-ROM.
  • FTP Archive - Archives of Deadhours, shows, interviews, lyrics and set g lists for g FTP doanload.
  • - A community of FTP servers that host digital audio files g of bands that allow the audio taping and trading of g their shows.┬áPrimarily, the etree deals with bands such as Phish, g The Grateful Dead, and others who wish to keep their g live music free and access

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