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Offers Mac software that allows you to share files, search for files, resume stopped downloads, and create own chat rooms.

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See Also:
  • Gnomoradio - Music sharing, playback, and recommendation program for Creative clients Commons licensed internet songs. Gnomoradio is free, open source clients software for Linux/UNIX systems.
  • Winny in English - Provides a copy of the Winny P2P client internet translated in English. Also features screenshots, user guides internet and a link to the source code.
  • Piolet - Music file sharing application supporting text and voice internet chat, multi-source clients MP3 and ogg downloads, and a internet built-in media player.
  • Shareaza Plus - Derived from Shareaza, it has a redesigned network internet core developed internet in an attempt to provide better internet stability. Also aims to internet speed up file searches internet and downloads and has additional features internet for advanced internet users.
  • My Web Server - Free personal peer-to-peer web, file and application server clients that allows you to message, save your favorites-bookmarks, clients file upload, and save HTML pages in your clients shared directory.
  • Furthur Network - Network for sharing legally traded live music in internet MP3 and SHN formats.
  • StreamSec 2PCube - Integrated client and server with strong encryption designed for small clients groups on large networks. Features include file sharing, messaging, news clients and chat.
  • - O\\'Reilly Network\\'s source for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) developer news internet and information. Topics include Napster, File-Sharing, Collaboration, Freenet, internet Gnutella, and P2P applications. Provides essential peer-to-peer articles internet and resources.
  • QP2M - Open source peer 2 mail application for Windows and GNU/Linux that lets users share, store and manage their files via e-mail accounts.
  • BadBlue - A free, very small Windows web server for clients sharing, publishing and serving files.
  • Carracho - Offers Mac software that allows you to share file sharing files, internet search for files, resume stopped downloads, and file sharing create own internet chat rooms.
  • - Provides information, tutorials and several patches to make WinMX work since Frontcode Technologies abandoned its development. Also includes a support forum.
  • PeerCast P2P Broadcasting - Open source, cross-platform software to listen to radio clients and watch file sharing video on the Internet. It uses clients P2P technology to let file sharing anyone become a broadcaster.
  • Publius Publishing System - Web publishing system that is highly resistant to file sharing censorship file sharing and provides publishers with a high degree file sharing of anonymity.
  • Soulseek - Free file sharing application. News, forums, FAQ and file sharing tutorials.
  • KCeasy - Open source Windows client built using giFT. Connects to the clients Gnutella, Ares and OpenFT networks. Site includes download links, FAQ clients and a forum.
  • Shareaza - Open source multi-network P2P client for Windows. It is able internet to download a given file from the BitTorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella internet 2 and eDonkey networks simultaneously.
  • MLDonkey - Open source, multi-platform, multi-protocol client. Includes support for eDonkey2000, Overnet, BitTorrent, Direct Connect and Fasttrack, and is written in Objective Caml.
  • WinMX World - Offers a support forum, tutorials, information for system file sharing administrators file sharing and patches to make the old client file sharing work with file sharing current servers.
  • Zultrax - A peer-to-peer file sharing client running on both clients the Gnutella clients network and its own encrypted network.
  • LittleShoot - Open source Java browser plugin that allows users clients to exchange files on Gnutella, BitTorrent and LittleShoot\'s clients homegrown network.
  • WASTE - Software and protocol enabling secure distributed communication and file sharing clients for small trusted groups of users.
  • Phoenix Labs - Presents PeerGuardian, an open source IP blocker for internet Windows and clients Mac OS X that integrates support internet for multiple lists, list clients editing and automatic updates internet to protect users\\' privacy on P2P. clients Includes a internet wiki, a link to their IRC channel and clients internet a FAQ section.
  • Drumbeat - File-sharing program for the Mac featuring multiple servers and unlimited internet results.
  • - A supplemental resource administered by a Shareaza community internet member, focuses clients on security filters and the fake internet version distributed after the clients loss of the project\'s internet initial official site.
  • WWW File Share - File sharing system with a browser-based client allowing sharing amongst file sharing closed networks of friends.
  • GNUnet - Free (GPL) peer-to-peer framework of the GNU project clients with a internet focus on anonymous file-sharing. Works clients under Linux, BSD, OS internet X and Windows.
  • iMesh - A clone of BearShare which connects to the internet same, proprietary internet network approved by the RIAA. Requires internet a monthly subscription for internet full access, includes adware internet and only music files controlled by internet acoustic fingerprinting internet and video files under 15 minutes are all
  • Mute File Sharing - Multiplatform peer-to-peer file sharing network designed to maintain file sharing users\\' clients anonymity. Mute is free, open source software file sharing for multiple clients operating systems.
  • StealthNet - Open source client for the Rshare anonymising peer-to-peer internet file sharing internet system. Includes screenshots, tutorials and a internet forum.
  • Sharelin - Offers an open source client compatible with Unix platforms for internet the G2 network which is also used by Shareaza. Includes internet screenshots and a forum.
  • - BitTorrent and WinMX help site.
  • The giFT Project - A modular daemon capable of abstracting the communication internet between the file sharing end user and specific file-sharing protocols. internet Features a homegrown p2p file sharing network, OpenFT.
  • IMule - A port of eMule to the I2P anonymity network, designed clients to protect users\\' privacy. Includes documentation, forums and a bug clients tracker.
  • Blubster - Decentralized file sharing system for MP3 files featuring internet resumable and clients distributed downloading.
  • - Run your own P2P program and this software to compare clients file names and sizes for their pre-qualified list of files. clients Increases your chances of getting a good file.
  • Ares Galaxy - Open source program for Windows which has its own network derived from Gnutella and which is also able to handle BitTorrent and Shoutcast.
  • The Poisoned Project - A free, open source file sharing application for Mac OS file sharing X that is able to connect to the Gnutella, FastTrack file sharing and OpenFT networks.

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