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Offers an open source peer-to-peer client software package compatible with the Gnutella file-sharing network. Also supports BitTorrent and private, secure file sharing with friends.

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  • Gtk-Gnutella - Unix client for Gnutella released under GNU Public gnutella License.
  • Qtella - An open source Gnutella client for Linux based file sharing on the Qt library.
  • O'Reilly Network Gnutella Articles - The complete collection of the O\\'Reilly Network technical clients articles on Gnutella and related links.
  • Cabos - Open source, crossplatform Gnutella client with proxy and firewall to file sharing firewall file transfer support.
  • Gnucleus - Offers an open source client for the Gnutella file sharing and file sharing Gnutella 2 networks but also GnucDNA, a file sharing component for file sharing building P2P applications, GWebCache, a web file sharing caching system and file sharing GnucNS, built to study the file sharing performance of decentralized networks.
  • Why Gnutella Can't Scale - A mathematical analysis by one of the original file sharing developers clients of Napster detailing why the initial Gnutella file sharing protocol would clients never be able to scale. Since file sharing the protocol has clients been enhanced since then and file sharing now uses ultrapeers, this clients text is of historical file sharing interest onl
  • Napster-like Technology Takes Web Search to New Level - Article from about a prototype of new search technology file sharing developed by Gnutella developers which uses the GnutellaNet.
  • Fusteeno - A web based, open source Gnutella client controlled with a file sharing usual web browser. Includes an online demonstration, a user guide file sharing and additional information for developers.
  • Acqlite - Open source Gnutella client for Mac OS X, written in clients Cocoa and based on LimeWire, Acquisition and Cabos.
  • Acquisition - Shareware peer-to-peer file sharing program for OS X which connects clients to Gnutella and BitTorrent networks. Features list, support forum. Mac clients OS 10.2 or higher.
  • Quack Gnutella Server - Homepage for the quack gnutella server. Quack is a gnutella server that allows the use of index files for searches, instead of just filenames.
  • LimeWire - Offers an open source peer-to-peer client software package compatible with file sharing the Gnutella file-sharing network. Also supports BitTorrent and private, secure file sharing file sharing with friends.
  • Gnutella Scalability - A research paper proposing that Gnutella scaling problems may be reduced by caching based on an analysis of query popularity.
  • Gnufu: Gnutella for Users - Presents the basics of this file sharing system clients and the way it works along with some clients ideas for advanced users and a collection of clients links.
  • FrostWire - A cross-platform, open source LimeWire PRO alternative, it supports Gnutella and Bittorrent protocols and is optimized to work behind firewalls.
  • Phex - Gnutella client with features such as resumable downloads clients and long file sharing term file search.
  • Gnutella Web Cache Scan Report - Keeps an automatically updated database of online Webcaches allowing users to find peers to connect to in case their clients failed to bootstrap the network.
  • Gnutella Forums - A message board covering LimeWire, Shareaza, Phex, and clients the Gnutella file sharing Network in general.
  • Mutella - Open source, terminal-mode Gnutella client for Unix systems. No longer gnutella being actively developed.
  • MP3 Rocket - Open source client for Windows derived from LimeWire, file sharing provides direct access to a selection of Web file sharing radios, games and online television channels. Site includes file sharing a support forum.
  • Symella - Open source Gnutella client for mobile devices running clients under the Symbian operating system. Site includes news, clients general information, download links and screenshots.
  • Net Film Firm Taps Gnutella For Video Sales - Article from about\\'s plans to sell videos on gnutella the Gnutella network.
  • Network Auralization for Gnutella - Open source application for Mac OS X and file sharing Windows which turns the process of searching for file sharing and downloading MP3 files into a chaotic musical file sharing collage by remixing these audio files in real file sharing time based on the structure of the Gnutella file sharing network itself.

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