Overnet and eDonkey File Sharing Clients Internet

Fork of eMule aiming to provide a fancier user interface. Features various optimizations but doesn't support protocol obfuscation or the Kad network.

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  • eMule Security - Provides IP-filters, server and node lists and is file sharing also a download mirror for eMule modifications.
  • EmuleSkins - Features a gallery.
  • FileDonkey - Search engine for files on the eDonkey file-sharing network.
  • eMule Plus - Fork of eMule aiming to provide a fancier file sharing user overnet and edonkey interface. Features various optimizations but doesn\\'t support file sharing protocol obfuscation overnet and edonkey or the Kad network.
  • aMule - Multi-platform eMule-like client forked from xMule.
  • Donkey Fakes - Offers a fake file database which can be used with eMule Plus to avoid unwanted files. Users may also check the hash of a given file on the website.
  • Shortypower - Provides statistics and history of files from the ed2k network.
  • eMule Xtreme Mod - Presents a modification of the official client developed clients in an clients attempt to manage the bandwidth more clients efficiently. Also includes detailed clients documentation.
  • Hatrix - A simple search engine that indexes files made available across overnet and edonkey the eDonkey network.
  • Peerates.net - Provides server lists, including verified, secure servers. Also file sharing offers various statistics about the eDonkey network as file sharing well as information on availability of files based file sharing on their ed2k hash.
  • eMule - Open source Windows client for the ED2K and de-centralized Kad networks released under GPL.
  • xMule - Multi-platform eMule clone.
  • eMule Morph Mod - Presents a derivative of eMule with additional features, file sharing includes a support forum and a FAQ section.

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