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  • RevConnect - Open source client derived from DC++ with additional clients features such clients as Kademlia and multiple source downloading.
  • Linux DC++ - A port of DC++ to GNU/Linux and to any POSIX-compliant direct connect UNIX. It has the same core with a rewritten user direct connect interface. Site includes documentation, FAQs and screen shots.
  • DC++ - Open-source client written in C++, ad-free.
  • ShakesPeer - Presents this open source client for Mac OS direct connect X, clients includes a support forum and an RSS direct connect feed for clients those who\'d like to track development direct connect information.
  • - Provides a hublist for NMDC and ADC protocols as well file sharing as automatically updated statistics about listed hubs.
  • DCTC - Open source command line client for GNU/Linux. A file sharing GUI for the client and a hub program, file sharing both in beta stage, are also provided but file sharing the project is no longer maintained.
  • Dcsharp - Open source Direct Connect client for GNU/Linux. It clients uses the file sharing GTK toolkit and its goal is clients to be as easy file sharing to use as possible.
  • Valknut - Open source, cross-platform client for the old NMDC clients protocol. It file sharing doesn\\'t support the new ADC protocol clients developed by the DC++ file sharing team.
  • ApexDC++ - Presents this open source client based on the StrongDC++ modification direct connect and which supports, amongst other features, PeerGuardian IP blocking and direct connect swarming. Also offers language packages, toolbars as well as emoticon direct connect packages for advanced customization.

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