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A shareware Macintosh download utility for the automated downloading of files from the Internet using popular file transfer protocols, including the Hotline protocol.

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See Also:
  • JHL - A Java-based Hotline client.
  • SilverWing - A Hotline client for BeOS. A version is available for hotline the x86 hardware platform as well as PPC.
  • Monica - A shareware Macintosh download utility for the automated hotline downloading of hotline files from the Internet using popular hotline file transfer protocols, including hotline the Hotline protocol.
  • Hotline Client How-To Guide - Offers an explanation of the way the official client works, also includes a FAQ on connection errors and navigation tips. Apparently no longer maintained but still of interest.
  • DefBot - A very customizable automated Hotline client for server client administration and client user moderation.
  • Fidelio - Open source GNU/Linux client that supports most of the latest Hotline features.
  • GtkHX - A Hotline client written for Unix/Linux-like operating systems. It employs client the Gtk+ environment for the front-end and utilizes a back-end client based on the HX project.
  • Underline - A variant of the OpenLine client for MacOS software and Windows software that supports blowfish encryption. Licensed under software GNU GPL.
  • HotPants - Open source Hotline 1.2.3-compatible client for Macintosh OS software X.
  • Hotline-Tools - Shareware Macintosh client and utilities for Hotline users.

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