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For and about collecting vinyl records, with a rapidly growing club to join, a chatroom, messageboard, and information on record care and maintenance.

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See Also:
  • - Directory of record stores that offer new or used vinyl.
  • Vinyl Zone - Information for lovers of music on vinyl. Includes vinyl equipment reviews, music record reviews and technical articles.
  • Vinyl Record Collectors - Information on the history, technology, and care of vinyl records.
  • The Royale Pages - Research of pseudonymous releases on early American classical LP records, vinyl with identification of artists and a survey of sleeve designs.
  • The Vinyl Engine - The home of the turntable: gallery, library, forum, technical manuals collecting for tonearms, turntables, cartridges, and phono stages.
  • Apple Sleevographia - Pictures and historical information on one avid fan\\'s music collection of releases from Apple Records.
  • Mercury Living Presence Labelography - Labelography of the collectible classical Mercury LPs of the 1950s and 1960s.
  • - Listen to RealAudio Disco, Garage, House and dance vinyl music from the 70s and 80s. Disco Vault vinyl features release information, cover art and audio of vinyl the original vinyl records.
  • Record Collectors Guild - For and about collecting vinyl records, with a rapidly growing club to join, a chatroom, messageboard, and information on record care and maintenance.
  • Record Fairs - Listing of record fairs in Sweden and Denmark (from a music Swedish collector).
  • DragonDiscs: Vinyl Collectors Guide and Resource Kit - Guide and e-magazine for the vinyl record collector, collecting including care tips, resources, label listings, links, articles collecting and news.
  • The Worst Record Covers from Around the World. - Images and stories of bad record covers from various countries.
  • Viva La Vinyl - Pressing information on independent record releases. Also has collecting a trade vinyl board and trade lists.
  • What's Going On - Information about different US pressings of the Marvin Gaye LP.
  • Collector's Guide to UK Classical LP Pressings - Illustrated guide to English Classical LP center labels.
  • Classic UK 45s - Discographies, biographies, and anecdotes concerning UK issued 45s music of the collecting 1950s and 1960s.
  • UK Punk Price Guide - Price guide for Punk, New Wave, and Powerpop records issued music in the UK from 1976-1985. Includes 7" and 12" singles music and LP albums.
  • Elvis Presley Record Collectible Appraisals - Offers appraisals of records by mail.
  • - Database of auction prices of rare vinyl records.
  • Pedipsens Pulterkammer - How to maintain your records, with directions to vinyl build a music record cleaning machine from scrap materials.
  • Both Sides Now Album Discographies - LP discographies for independent labels of the 1950s and 60s.
  • Continental Records Company Ltd. - Resources on the 45 RPM record, the most collected vinyl format.
  • Record Collectors Anonymous - Record show organization\\'s site includes advice to record collecting collectors and collecting sellers, and links to other sites.
  • Vinyl Vulture - A group of collectors show off their latest collecting finds, present information on the favorite records, and collecting provide a forum for trading.
  • Minnesota Record Show - Information about a bi-monthly show held in Minniapolis.
  • The Vinyl Tourist - Non-commercial site for record collectors, featuring regional guides to record music stores, discographies, record care information, and other resources.
  • Michael Fitzgerald - Jazz Research - Articles on jazz, its musicians, and discographies for music many jazz artists and labels.
  • Vinyl Records Museum - Record store offers a record cover museum.

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