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Collections of images of cover artwork, picture discs, and/or record labels.

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  • - Gallery of album covers with information about the records and collecting artists.
  • Vinyl Underground - Collection/gallery of colored vinyl records, shaped records, and collecting picture discs.
  • 317X - Lounge, exotica, and easy listening LP record covers.
  • Album Cover Artists - Gallery of album covers by artists such as Mati Klarwein, image galleries Roger Dean, David Stone Martin, Burt Goldblatt, Peter Max, Andy image galleries Warhol and Jack Davis.
  • - Images of unusual album cover art.
  • Vinyl Rotation - Exhibition of record covers and single sleeves.
  • Sam Holloway: Record Collecting - A gallery of generic company sleeves and center collecting labels for image galleries UK 7" singles.
  • Fairies Wear Boots - Gallery of 45 picture sleeves from around the world of vinyl artists from the 60s and 70s.

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