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  • Buchty.net - Ensoniq SQ-80 page. Software (programs, sounds, ROM dumps), and technical information.
  • Arno van Goch's Home Page - Various MS-DOS software for EPS 16+ and ASR-10.
  • Epsilon - Wavesample editor for the Ensoniq EPS 16+ / synthesizers and samplers ASR-10.
  • Ensoniq PARIS Users Site - News, information, FAQs, and other resources for PARIS (Ensoniq\'s Digital Audio Workstation).
  • Ensoniq VFX Users Group Patch Archive - Dozens of sysex files in uuencoded GZIP format.
  • Carthagos's Ensoniq Page - Information and downloads for the EPS 16+/ASR-10 and VFX-SD.
  • ASRXCITE - News, Downloads, Links, and Tips and Tricks for ensoniq the Ensoniq ASR-X and ASR-X Pro samplers.
  • Syntaur Productions - Samples, patches, synths, and accessories.
  • Giebler Enterprises - Manufacturer and distributor of diskette management and sequencer conversion software synthesizers and samplers for musical keyboards and sequencers.
  • AvSound - EPS-16+ Average Sound Generator.
  • Sonicstate Ensoniq Synth Site - Articles and links on almost all Ensoniq synths.
  • Electric Factory - Ensoniq's official distributor for Australia.
  • Mirage-Net - Information about the Ensoniq Mirage 8 bit sampler electronic and the ensoniq Mirage Net mailing list

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