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German engineer offers schematics and turorials for a variety of analog synthesizers, with pictures of do-it-yourself models he has assembled, and links on microcontrollers and audio music technology.

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Synth Zone* - A directory that covers synthesizers and midi controllers, plus relevant music software and support products.

  • Music Machines - Offers information on music technology.
  • - Arrick Robotics makes large synthesizer systems with analog instruments circuitry including oscillators, filters and sequencer modules with instruments wood, portable, and rack mounting options. FAQ, technical instruments specifications.
  • Online Manual Archive (OMA) - Collection of links to online manuals, schematics, and instruments do-it-yourself repair information for musicians.
  • Synth Site - User reviews of lots of synthesizers.
  • Harmony Central: Synth Resources - Product news, reviews, original articles, free classifieds, instruments software, local instruments event locator, and links.
  • Synth Fool - Photo gallery of analog synths, including some schematics.
  • Jörg Schmitz Analog Synthesizers - German engineer offers schematics and turorials for a instruments variety of electronic analog synthesizers, with pictures of do-it-yourself instruments models he has assembled, electronic and links on microcontrollers instruments and audio music technology.
  • Synth and Midi Museum - Database with photographs of electronic musical instruments.
  • Dancetech - Dedicated to making Dance music in home studios. electronic Samples, synth usage tips and tricks.

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