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  • Blacet Research Music Products - Unusual, high quality, analog synthesizer modules. Assembled and kits. modular Packaging systems, power supplies, MIDI to sequencer converter ICs.
  • MOTM - High end synthesizer modules in kit or pre-assembled electronic form
  • Wiard - Makers of high-end analog modular synthesizers. Includes purchase electronic information and synthesizers and samplers MP3 samples.
  • Modcan Modular Synthesizers - Modcan Synthesizers produces a wide range of analogue electronic synthesizer modular modules for the electronic musician and electronic sound designer.
  • - Modular Analog Music Synthesizers and keyboards that are low cost with a classic Moog look
  • Analogue Solutions - Producer of the Concussor Modular Synthesizer.
  • - General information and links to manufacturers
  • Analogue Systems - Makers of the RS Integrator, a doepfer-compatible modular
  • Synthesis Technology: Analog Modular Synthesizer Resource Page - The Internet resource for building analog modular synthesizers.

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