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  • Synthaholic's Electronic Music Site - PAiA Fatman mods, part substitution information, OTA tutorial.
  • Littleman - A custom synth drawing from EFM and Paia synthesizers and samplers synthesizers and samplers designs.
  • Magnus Danielson - Offers resources (books, schematics, companies, links) for the electronic DIY enthusiast.
  • Jim Patchell's DIY Synth Page - A site dedicated to those who enjoy building their own electronic electronic musical instruments.
  • Synthesizer Projects - Analog synthesizer DIY projects and modifications to vintage kits and plans kits and plans synthesizers.
  • Juergen Haible - Home-built synthesizers, effects, schematics, and CDs of Juergen\'s music.
  • Synthesis Technology - Source for CEM chips, MOTM modular sythesizer kits (and mods), electronic tips for DIYers, and Synergy refurb information.
  • Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer - Many unusual circuits for a modular synth. PCBs electronic for sale.
  • Dave's Hot Rod MOTM Shop - Offers a source of mods for SynthTech MOTM modules.
  • Synth'r'us - Original analog synthesizer schematics.
  • - has been put online to gather ALL synthesizers and samplers kits and plans information about making your own musical instruments. The synthesizers and samplers kits and plans goal is to have all DIY / Mods synthesizers and samplers kits and plans / profit / nonprofit products on this site.
  • DIY Freak - Synthesizer modules and some DSP stuff. Interesting MIDI controller using synthesizers and samplers a PIC.
  • Bergfotron - Analog modular synthesizer plans and pictures in great kits and plans kits and plans detail.
  • Grant Richters Synth-DIY page - Unusual signal modifiers/shapers with schematics.
  • DIY Oakley Modular Synthesiser - Site dedicated to construction of a synthesiser based kits and plans synthesizers and samplers on Oakleysound modules
  • Blacet Research - Analog synth kit manufacturer; many odd and useful synthesizers and samplers synthesizers and samplers FracRak-compatible modules.
  • Chris's Synth DIY Page - Home of the Evenfall Minimodular and Chris\\' other kits and plans synth circuits.

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