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Synthesizer patches are thought of as the information needed to produce a specific sound on an electronic instrument, for example a string sound on a keyboard. The patch can be anything from a "patch sheet" of knob and slider settings for an old analog synthesizer, to the digital data that comprises a "patch" for a more modern synthesizer to use. Other names for a patch include preset, single, multi, and tone.

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  • Pro-Rec - Synthesizer patches, sample CD-ROMs, and disks for most patches modern synthesizers synthesizers and samplers and samplers.
  • Kid Nepro - Synthesizer patches and samples, ROM and RAM Cards, and AIFF/WAV electronic CD-ROMs.
  • TweakHeadz - Features music and articles by Rich the Tweakmeister, synthesizers and samplers sample CDs, Midifiles, and MP3 files
  • Sonic Implants - Samples for Kurzweil, Akai, E-mu, Gigasampler, DLS, and Soundfonts, available on CD-ROM or as a download.
  • The Emulator Archive - Patches, support and information for all E-mu samplers, synthesizers, modules patches and drum machines.
  • MIDI Mark - Sounds for Ensoniq, Akai, Roland, and Kurzweil samplers, patches audio sample CDs, and sampler accessories and equipment.
  • Mark Rinewalt's Samplestation - Samples and tips for Akai, Ensoniq, and Kurzweil samplers.
  • - Features a variety of samples and patches for E-mu E4 Samplers and Nord Modular Synthesizers.
  • Mig Music - Synthesizer sound collections for Nova/Supernova, Model E, RM1x, patches and XG synthesizers, plus midi drum patterns and patches Rebirth sequences.
  • ManyMIDI - Organized and alphabetized synthesizer patch libraries.
  • Roland Juno-60 Patches - Factory soundbanks and new original sounds for the Roland Juno-60 synthesizer.
  • Greytsounds Sound Development - Ensoniq, Akai, Roland, and Audio sampling disks and CD-ROMs.
  • - Contemporary and vintage synthesizer patches, sampler floppies, and synthesizers and samplers electronic CD-ROMS for AKAI, Kurzweil, and Ensoniq hardware samplers, synthesizers and samplers electronic as well as PC and Mac software samplers.
  • Analoguesque Sound Designs - Soundfonts and patches for Yamaha SY-77 and E-mu systems. FAQ and message forum.
  • Super JX-10 & MKS-70 Synthesizer Patches - Patches of M-64C cartridge data, including factory and alternative presets.
  • Pyramid Sound Productions - Sample patches in Kurzweil and Akai format CD-rom, synthesizers and samplers as well as SCSI CD-rom storage hardware.

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