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Low cost, high quality, user assembled kits for innovative electronic products. MIDI->Vc and a Theremin are two of their products.

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  • Clavia Digital Musical Instruments - Home of the Nord Lead
  • Future Retro Synthesizers - Makers of the 777, a monophonic analog synthesizer electronic which gets electronic some of the same sounds as electronic the TB303
  • Rob Papen - Sound Design and Music.
  • Harman International - Home to Harman/Kardon, iSub, Infinity Systems, JBL.
  • Synthesis Technology - Manufacturer of MOTM analog modular synthesizer. Also electronic synthesizer repair and CEM and Kenton sales.
  • Doepfer - Product information on the analog synthesizer and accessory synthesizers and samplers manufacturers company.
  • Sound Tower - Music Synthesizer Editing Software for Alesis, Korg, Waldorf, synthesizers and samplers and Behringer.
  • Technosaurus - Swiss-made analog synthesizers, including modulars
  • MacBeth Studio Systems - Home of M3X and M5 Analogue Synthesizers.
  • - Modular Analog Music Synthesizers and keyboards that are low cost with a classic Moog look.
  • JoMoX - MIDI music equipment - analog synthesizers and drum manufacturers machines and a MIDI to CV converter
  • PPG Instruments - History and products of Palm Productions GmbH, developer synthesizers and samplers manufacturers of the PPG Wave Synthesizer.
  • PAiA Electronics, Inc - Low cost, high quality, user assembled kits for manufacturers innovative electronic manufacturers products. MIDI->Vc and a Theremin are manufacturers two of their products.
  • Sequential Circuits - Electronic Music Synthesizers (Prophet series)
  • JuiceGoose - Power distribution for rack mounted equipment- replace all manufacturers your "wallwart" synthesizers and samplers AC/DC converters with one rack-mounted box.
  • JLCooper - Offers a complete line of mixing console automation electronic systems, synchronizers, electronic MIDI and computer peripherals.
  • Metasonix - Makers of vacuum tube music synthesis, including the manufacturers Phattytron and electronic Hellfire Modulator
  • Studio Electronics - Maker of analog synths, including the Omega 8.
  • Sound Of Music - Music Studio, with lots of information, patches, manuals, on Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Yahama, and other synths.
  • Circuitbenders - Offers customized insane electronic instruments made from rewired synthesizers and samplers electronic Speak&Spell machines, musical toys and sampler modules.
  • Symetrix Homepage frame - Professional Audio Signal Processing for Recording, Broadcast, and synthesizers and samplers Sound Reinforcement.
  • Buchla and Associates - Designers of unusual electro-acoustic instrumentation for electronic music.

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