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The Korg Wavestation models EX, SR and A/D. to [email protected]

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  • Terry Britton's Wavestation - Information on archives and patches with related links.
  • Korg Wavestation Information - Korg Wavestation synthesizer; EX, AD and SR. korg Information on korg latest ROM revisions, programming tips, sounds, korg editors, and links.
  • SoundTower - Music Synthesizer Editing Software for Alesis, Korg, Roland, synthesizers and samplers wavestation Waldorf, Behringer.
  • Korg Wavestation SR review - ...also with links to reviews of the EX korg and A/D.
  • Wavestation Resource Centre - Library of resources related to the Korg Wavestation synthesizers and samplers korg synthesizers.
  • Wavestation - Ben Hall's links and information on the Wavestation.
  • Wavestation Mailing List and Resource Centre - Steve Cowan\\'s Wavestation resource centre; including the Wavestation synthesizers and samplers korg e-mailing list.
  • Wavestation Home - Dan Phillips\\' (yes, one of the authors of the Wavestation manuals.) unofficial Wavestation pages.

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