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The subcategory includes theatre organs (and occasionally theatres as well), theatre organists and theatre organ music.

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ATOS: American Theatre Organ Society* - News, history, locations, articles, event calendar, artist directory, and local chapter listings. Not geographically limited to the United States.

  • Pine Tree Chapter ATOS - Chapter meeting and membership information; photos and history of our keyboard Wurlitzer Op. 1634 3/13.
  • Carolina Wurlitzer - Wurlitzer Opus 1495 2/8 Style F originally in keyboard the Carolina organ Theatre, Charlotte, NC. General information about keyboard theatre organs.
  • Theatre Organs Under the Southern Cross - Downloads of theatre organ music. Information about instruments in the keyboard Southern Hemisphere and generally.
  • Kirk of Dunedin Pipe Organ - Dunedin, Florida. 4/100 custom. CDs, concert schedule, and organ history.
  • COTOS-The Central Ohio Theatre Organ Society - Information on Ohio Theatre Organs. Picture Galleries of ATOS events. Links to Theatre Organ chapters, Theatre Organ artists.
  • Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society - Local news, concert listing and regional theatre organ history.
  • Eastern Mass Chapter ATOS - Oldest ATOS chapter; listings of public concerts, member events and keyboard other theatre organ information.
  • Central Indiana Chapter of ATOS - Concert schedules, CDs, and information for 6 organs in Indiana.
  • Paramount Grande Page - Anderson, Indiana. Original theatre installation 3/7 expanded to 3/12. CDs, keyboard specification, and history.
  • Walnut Hill - Recordings and information on a virtual theatre organ.
  • Chicago Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, Inc. - Information about Chicago area theatre organs and organists, past and organ present.
  • Traveling Möller - Foort-BBC 5/28 Moller now in Pasadena Civic Auditorium. History and organ photos.
  • Dickinson Theatre Organ Society - Home of 3m/66r Kimball pipe organ. History, concert series, recordings. organ Wilmington, Delaware.
  • SBTOS - Santa Barbara, California. ATOS. 4/27 Wonder Morton history. theatre organs Event calendar.
  • Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust - British organization that maintains several instruments. History of organ inventor-builder Robert keyboard Hope-Jones.
  • Virtual Theatre Organ - Information and history of real and virtual theatre organ organs. MP3s and software downloads.
  • Steve's Place - Downers Grove, Illinois. Residence customized Rodgers 321B electronic. keyboard Specification of keyboard 3/10 Wurlitzer in the Tivoli Theatre.
  • Rister Studio Pipe Organ - Residence installation of 4/21 Robert-Morton based on Charlie keyboard Chaplin organ.
  • Byrd Theatre - Richmond, VA. Theatre history, photos, and schedule. Wurlitzer keyboard Opus 1948 keyboard 4/17 original installation plays Saturdays.
  • Dairyland Theatre Organ Society - Wisconsin ATOS chapter. History, area organs, calendar, links organ to members\' pages.
  • Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society - Lists of concerts and events; local organs; membership information.
  • Riviera Theatre - North Tonawanda, New York. Monthly concerts on original 3/18 Wurlitzer.
  • Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society - A UK registered charity, whose aim is to theatre organs preserve keyboard and restore theatre organs. STOPS owns Europe\\'s theatre organs largest Organ keyboard Console which controls the HiLSDON organ.
  • ACT Division of the Theatre Organ Society of Australia - Canberra. History, MP3s, and specification for 3/8 Compton and 3 manual Wurlitzer.
  • Miditzer--A MIDI Theatre Organ - Free software for a virtual Wurlitzer Style 216 theatre organs on a Windows PC.
  • William Attison Memorial Organ - Privately owned 4/26 Devtronix electronic. Pictures and specification.
  • Nethercutt Collection - Sylmar, California. Mechanical musical instrument collection features large organ Wulitzer organ. keyboard Visitor information and concert schedule.
  • Scottish Cinema Organ Trust - Glasgow, Scotland. Wurlitzer and Compton events and information. theatre organs CDs.
  • Roosevelt Memorial Park - Gardena, California. "Mightiest" Wurlitzer Opus 998 4/17 outdoor organ installation up keyboard to 50" wp. History, spec, pictures.
  • Theatre Organ Home Page - Wide variety of information, buy and sell ads, and many links to other sites.
  • TOSSD - San Diego, California. ATOS. History and event listings organ for 4/24 organ Wurlitzer at the Trinity Facilities in organ Spring Valley.
  • Bruce Miles - Cinema organ SoundFont. Digital simulation of organs. Pictures and data for 3/9 Compton.
  • Colorado State University - Fort Collins, Colorado. 3/19 Wurlitzer. Information about workshop last held in 2000.
  • Rochester Theatre Organ Society - Concert schedules, pictures of the two Wurlitzer consoles (4/22 and organ 3/12) and pipe chambers, 4/22 stoplist, driving directions, and membership organ information.

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