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Performers who specialize in the theatre organ, professional and amateur.

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See Also:
  • Irwin, Bill - Sheet music, instructional books and tapes.
  • Ledwon, John - CDs, MP3 and WAV excerpts, and background. Description and photos of his 4/52 hybrid theatre organ in Agoura, Calif.
  • Thompson, Don - Concert schedule and CDs.
  • Calendine, Dave - Concert schedule and background.
  • Richards, Rob - Concert schedule, CDs, MIDI files, bookings, and information organ about his organists 5 manual Walker organ. Organist and organ pianist.
  • Roberts, Paul - CDs, cassettes, music videos, and WAV excerpts. Instructional organ videos.
  • Eddington, R. Jelani - Concert schedule, CDs, MP3 excerpts, and background. Also theatre organs duets with pianist David Harris.
  • Strony, Walt - Concert schedule. Tonal finishing. Sells book on theatre organists organ registration.
  • Elliott, Chris - Concert schedule and CDs. Silent film accompanist.
  • Kann, Stan - Concert schedule, CDs, and photos.
  • Portraits of Forgotten Dead Cinema Organists - Drawings of British cinema organists by Vic Pratt.
  • Embury, Larry Douglas - Concert schedule, CDs, and DVDs. Organist and pianist. Site in theatre organs English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

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