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Offers worldwide distribution of Yamaha brand pianos, keyboards, winds, guitars, bowed strings, drums and percussion, including a line of silent practice instruments. Also makes and sells amplifiers and sound cards with DSP technology.

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  • The Music Link (TML) - Wholesale manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments, including manufacturers Johnson guitars, Palatino pianos, string and wind instruments, manufacturers Lucida classical and flamenco guitars, and CODA drums manufacturers and percussion. Features company profile, product details, and manufacturers jo
  • Yamaha Products - Offers worldwide distribution of Yamaha brand pianos, keyboards, winds, guitars, bowed strings, drums and percussion, including a line of silent practice instruments. Also makes and sells amplifiers and sound cards with DSP technology.
  • Axe Hugger - Manufacturer of protective slip covers for guitar and instruments saxophone stands.
  • Prof. Romeo Orsi - Saxophones, clarinets, bassoons, brass, flutes, oboes. Product catalogue music and history. Located in Italy.
  • Henri Selmer Paris - Saxophones, clarinets, bassoons, brass. Products, manufacturing, news and music history. [English/French]
  • Leslie & Company - Manufacturer and exporter of international musical instruments: bagpipes, music harps, horns, instruments djembes, dumbeks, bodhrans, tambourines, congas and music bongos.
  • Kaman Music Corporation - A company that comprises a number of subdivisions manufacturers each of which specializes in different classes of manufacturers instruments. News, dealer search, warranty and customer manufacturers service. Provides links to each of the subdivisions.
  • Olds and Reynolds - Manufacturer of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments and manufacturers distributor of handcrafted stringed instruments.
  • Punjab Music House - Manufacturers and exporters of percussion and Indian ethnic instruments. Based manufacturers in Sialkot, Pakistan.
  • American Plating and Manufacturing Company - Supplier of lyres, ligatures, caps, song whistles, cleaning rods and instruments other accessories. Based in Illinois, United States.
  • Hohner - Manufacturer and distributor. Harmonica, melodica, recorder, accordion, guitar, drums. Company profile, history and instrument details.
  • The Selmer Company - Manufacturer of student and professional musical instruments including music Selmer, Bach, music Ludwig/Musser, Glaesel, Emerson, and Buescher. music Online catalog, repair, educational music and historical information.
  • Alembic - Images and information on various styles of bass instruments guitars. Manufacturing music and factory information, history, dealer list, instruments chat forum. Based in music Santa Rosa, California, United instruments States.
  • Koneksta - Manufacturer of ethnic instruments: kolintang, angklung, bamboo trumpets music and saxophones. manufacturers Located in Indonesia.
  • Jupiter Band Instruments, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of Jupiter woodwind, brass and manufacturers educational percussion music instruments. Lease program information for manufacturers teachers and dealers, and music dealer listing.
  • Fernanda Baiocco - Specialising in the production of wooden piano benches instruments and stools. Located in the Marche region of instruments Italy.
  • Chopra Musicals - Manufacturers of trumpet, clarinet, trumbone, sarod, violin, damroo, instruments kabbas, bugles, and horns. Based in India.
  • Singing Bowls - Manufacturer and wholesaler of singing bowls from Nepal music and Tibet. instruments Also bell dorje, bajra ghanti, cymbals, music tingshaws and bhushaws. Based instruments in Nepal.
  • Suzuki - Wide range of instruments manufactured. Instrument lists, dealer instruments information. San instruments Diego, California, United States.
  • Delhi Musical Stores - Manufactures and exporters of harmonium, tabla, sitar, tanpura, manufacturers sarod, dholak. music Based in Delhi, India.
  • Grand (Worldwide) Ltd. - Hong Kong based musical instrument manufacturer and exporter selling band manufacturers instruments, stringed instruments including electric violins, and guitars.
  • Ningbo Yunli Metallic Appliances Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of musical instrument stands, sheet music stands, music stools, benches, and carts. China.
  • Gibson - Manufacturers of guitars, banjos, mandolins, dobros and other music musical instruments. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
  • Boehme Music - Producer and distributor. Carries a range of ethnic and non-traditional instruments. PDF catalogue. Located in Heuchelheim (near Giessen), Germany. [Bilingual English/German]
  • C. F. Martin and Company - Produces acoustic music instruments including guitars. Includes information instruments on products, manufacturers services, artists, dealers, and tours of instruments the factory and museum. manufacturers Based in Pennsylvania, United instruments States.
  • Singh Musical Instruments - Manufacturer and exporter. Includes chimta, shehnai, sundri, tabla, instruments sitar, harmoniums. music Located in Bombay, India.
  • Sharma Musical - Manufacturer and exporter of Indian musical instruments such as the instruments tabla, harmoniums, dholak. Located in India.
  • National Bench Co. - Manufacturer of wooden piano benches. Located in Idaho instruments Falls, Idaho, United States.
  • Mushroom Covers - Covers for timpani, percussion instruments and pianos.
  • Discacciati Ermino S.r.l. - Manufacturer of piano benches and stools. Company profile, instruments product catalogue and details. Based in Milan, Italy. instruments [English/Italian/German]
  • Suzuki Europe Ltd.. - Makers of Qchord (successor to the Omnichord), harmonicas, instruments recorders, and keyboards. Based in Milton Keynes, United instruments Kingdom.

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