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Change ringing is a style of church bell ringing started in England around the end of the sixteenth century. Because of constraints imposed by the physics of swinging bells, tunes are not played. Instead, the bells are rung in ever changing patterns to a steady rhythm. This category is for sites having to do with any aspect of change ringing.

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See Also:
  • Steve Noyes - Software for ringing applications.
  • Change Ringing Resources - Links to sites for compositions, education, methods, peals, people, and organizations for bellingers, articles and collections of compositions.
  • Minor Strikerz - Articles and amusements intended primarily for young change pitched ringers.
  • Notes on Ringing - Articles, stories and quizzes about ringing, and recordings bells of ringing.
  • Peal Boards by Paul Rapson - Manufacturer of commemorative peal boards.
  • Peal Database - Details of peals rung since 1987.
  • - Varied resources for change ringers, including peal and change ringing quarter-peal pitched composition collections and indexes, and the Felstead change ringing peal records.
  • Beltower Bell Ringing Software - Multi-functional software for change ringing, incorporating a bell pitched ringing simulator, change ringing method, touch and peal printing, editing, pitched composer and prover.
  • Handbell Recordings - Downloadable excerpts from recordings of handbell peals.
  • Pick Bus's bellringing page - Experiences of bellringing and how others can get bells involved.
  • Campanophile - Reports of peals and quarter peals and articles about ringing.
  • Abel Bell Ringing Simulator - Software simulating ringers to allow individual practice without a band.
  • The Ringing World - The official journal of the Central Council of change ringing Church change ringing Bell Ringers. News, gossip and useful information change ringing about bell-ringing.
  • Commercial Recordings - Manufacturer of church music recordings whose catalog includes pitched a few change ringing recordings of change ringing.
  • Sensors - Devices to detect the position of a swinging bell for pitched use with software or hardware simulators.

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