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Manufacturers of the "Heli-mount" acoustic banjos and several electric ones. Photos, download, testimonials, accessories, pictures, and ordering information.

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See Also:
  • Fielding Banjos - Handmade old-time banjos from a furniture craftsman who stringed uses native hardwoods.
  • Curtis Carlisle Bourterse: Banjers and Fretless Banjos - Builder of traditional instruments. History, etymology, historical photos, links stringed and banjers.
  • Desert Rose Banjos - Makers of professional bluegrass banjos and the Z makers bridge. Pioneers in the use of submerged old makers growth timber in stringed instruments.
  • Florida Banjo - Handmade clawhammer and Irish banjos by Marty Spencer. stringed Product descriptions, makers photographs and audio clips.
  • Brooks Banjos - Unique handmade banjos, fretted and unfretted, and vintage hardware. By makers Brooks Masten.
  • - Individually handcrafted banjo bridges by Kelly Emerson.
  • Stealth Banjo - Innovative five-string banjo design by Scott Vestal. Specifications, reviews, prices, stringed and ordering information.
  • Broken Heart Woodworks - Hand-made banjo and unique wood works by Matt stringed Jones, operating banjo out of Ft. Collins, Colorado. stringed Photos, contact information and banjo a skateboard.
  • Davidson Instruments - A small builder of custom 5-string open-back and banjo resonator banjos. stringed They also do custom inlay work banjo and sell a "travel" stringed banjo.
  • Nechville Musical Products - Manufacturers of the "Heli-mount" acoustic banjos and several electric ones. makers Photos, download, testimonials, accessories, pictures, and ordering information.
  • Richelieu Banjos - Banjos and accessories. Artist information, accessories, recommendations, and makers links.
  • Robert Edney - Distinctive open-back banjos for those who play in the clawhammer/frailing style.
  • Winckler, Immo - Maker, restoration, parts and repairs. Includes maker biography, instrument description, makers service details, and contact information.
  • Hartel Minstrel Banjos - Reproductions of nineteenth-century fretless minstrel banjos such as banjo those made makers by Sweeny, Boucher, Stichter and Ashborn. banjo Includes biography of maker, makers instrument details, history, videos banjo and photos.
  • Unionville Strings - Handcrafted open-backed banjos from Virginia, in the foothills stringed of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Stewart-MacDonald - Banjo building parts, tools and supplies
  • Banjo Tone Rings by Blaylock - The source for the tone rings endorsed by makers J.D. Crowe makers and traditional bluegrass banjo pickers. makers Product, photos, history, testimonials, makers music, links, ordering and makers contact information.
  • Ome Banjos - Manufacturer of bluegrass, jazz, and folk banjos. Specifications, pictures, and stringed contact information.
  • Deering Banjo Company - Pictures, product descriptions, accessories, audio samples, custom work, FAQ, and banjo ordering information.
  • Banjohaven - Vincent Mondello\\'s 4-String tenor banjo site with photo makers gallery, vintage stringed models, restorations, tips, photos, and links.
  • Bob Flesher Custom Banjos - Handcrafted banjos of all persuasions and predilections. Photos, prices and all manner of ordering information.
  • Huber Banjos and Accessories - Information on pre-war banjo conversions, replicas, hardware, and makers accessories. Custom stringed work, FAQ, testimonials, articles, contacts and makers links.
  • The Steamboat Banjo Co. - Building custom electric banjos using piezo and magnetic banjo pickups.
  • Romero banjos - handmade, open-back banjos using a new banjo rim banjo design
  • Stelling Banjo Works - Handcrafted banjos. Picture, details, pricing, and dealer information.
  • PensonStringWerks - Custom banjos built to order, specializing in 5-string banjo bluegrass resonator stringed banjos and open back 5-string dowel banjo banjos. Tips on stringed banjo set-up, getting started, banjo installing 5th string railroad spikes, plus stringed links.
  • Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments - Vintage and handmade instruments and accessories. Descriptions, pictures, and prices.
  • The Banjo Factory - The Banjo Factory provides all kinds of traditional stringed acoustic instruments makers for period music performers, Civil War stringed re-enactors, folk musicians, beginners makers and professionals.
  • David G. Hyatt: Maker of Gourd Banjos - Gourd banjo enthusiast and builder Hyatt relates various stringed banjo styles, makers banjo makers and traditional banjo building stringed methods. History, banjo makers construction resources, numerous mp3 stringed downloads, photos, email and telephone links.
  • Gold Tone Banjos - Titusville, Florida-based business. Hand crafted banjos. Pictures, descriptions, and prices.
  • Geigerbanjo - Old-time handmade fretless five-string banjos. Ralph Geiger makes banjos in stringed the folk tradition using traditional methods and materials.
  • Gourd Banjos by Patrick Loafman - Handmade, fretless gourd banjos made by Patrick Loafman.
  • Enoch Instruments - Creating an instrument designed for clawhammer playing, embracing makers the aesthetics stringed of the great banjo makers of makers the early 20th century, stringed with options for custom makers mother-of-pearl inlays and heel carving.
  • Hand carved custom banjos - Artisan hand-carved, custom-made banjos created by Bob Anderson banjo who works banjo from original sketches, photos, or an banjo idea. Biography, photos, friends banjo and links.
  • Clareen Banjos - Handmade banjos by Tom Cussen in Ireland. Information stringed on instruments, makers prices and tuition.
  • Kat Eyz Custom Made Banjo Bridges - These banjo bridges are handmade by Mike Smith stringed from hard banjo rock maple recovered from the bottom stringed of Lake Superior and banjo surrounding rivers. Also, stringed bridges, capos, ordering and contact information.
  • Wildwood Banjos - Models in both open-back and bluegrass banjos. Pictures, stringed descriptions, and makers construction details.
  • John Steven Foster - Interview with a builder-player of nineteenth-century-style gourd and makers minstrel banjos. stringed Biographical information, photos, prices, ordering and makers contact information.

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