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Texas craftsman Math Deatherage makes and repairs violins, violas, cellos, guitars, banjos and bows. Shop photos, price ranges, woods available.

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  • Unicorn Strings Music Company - Bowed psalteries, dulcimers, harps, bodhrans and accessories. Includes FAQs, psaltery instruments information, and company profile.
  • Ken Miller Guitars - Hand-crafted guitars (acoustic, classical and flamenco), mandolins, and makers ukeleles. Information stringed about instruments, current stock, with advice makers about care and maintenance.
  • Bacorn Guitars - Archtop, flat top and electric guitars and mandolins.
  • Oriskany Stringed Instruments - Hand-crafted acoustic guitars and bouzoukis, and repair services; includes instrument galleries, luthier profiles, and contact details. [Pennsylvania, US]
  • George's Bouzouki Services - Custom Greek bouzoukis, repairs and restorations. Based in stringed Australia.
  • Lorenzo Frignani, Liutaio - Luthier building instruments in the guitar, mandolin and instruments violin families; also offers restoration of historical instruments, instruments and appraisal services. Online gallery and contact instruments details. [Modena, Italy; English and Italian]
  • Earnest Uncommon Musical Instruments - Mandolins, tenor guitars, ukuleles and custom instruments. Models, instruments prices, ukulele makers workshop, and links.
  • Fotheringham Instruments - Maker of acoustic fretted instruments like guitars, citterns, mandolas, bouzoukis and mandolins. Information about his range, contact details, and details of his instrument building classes. [Falkirk, Scotland]
  • Wreck and Roll - Custom bass guitars, double basses, electric guitars and other instruments instruments made from motorcycle and classic car parts.
  • Dearstone Mandolin Works - Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars and mandolins.
  • Anahola Stringed Instruments - Luthier making acoustic guitars and violins from koa makers wood; includes makers details of instruments, testimonials, and ordering makers instructions. [Hawaii, US]
  • Pegasus Guitars and Ukeleles - Luthier Bob Gleason builds classical and steel guitars stringed and ukuleles in Hilo, Hawaii. Includes photographs stringed of his work, instructions for luthiers, and supplies.
  • Sohn Stringed Instruments - David Sohn. A and F style mandolins, banjos, resophonic and stringed arch top guitars. Also offering repair and restoration work. BC stringed Canada.
  • Deatherage Music Company - Texas craftsman Math Deatherage makes and repairs violins, makers violas, cellos, guitars, banjos and bows. Shop photos, makers price ranges, woods available.
  • Albert-Mueller - Franz-Ulrich Albert and Antonius Mueller. Flat back, bowl back, bouzoukis, stringed historic reconstructions, and acoustic electric models. Artist mp3s. Aarbergen Kettenbach, stringed Germany.
  • Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works - Featuring hand-made dulcimers, strum sticks, flutes, mandolins and instruments banjos.
  • Alan Carruth, Luthier - Builds acoustic and classical guitars, violins, violas, harps and dulcimers. instruments Includes photographs, prices, and information on lutherie classes.
  • Sebastián Núñez and Verónica Estevez - Makers of Early Music instruments (lutes, vihuelas, early guitars and instruments harpsichords); also offer restoration services. [Utrecht, Netherlands]
  • Davy Stuart, Luthier - Builds mandolins, mandolas, citterns, bouzoukis, guitars and Celtic percussion instruments stringed in New Zealand. Includes craftsman\\'s biography, specifications, price list and stringed partial list of clients.
  • Sawchyn Guitars - A Saskatchewan maker of guitars and mandolins; includes information about stringed his instruments, pricing and ordering instructions. [Canada]
  • Labraid - Stringed instruments hand crafted by Brian Dean, historically stringed influenced method makers and design. Ontario, Canada.
  • Tim Kill Custom - Builds custom stringed instruments (electric, acoustic, lapsteel and stringed resonator guitars, makers basses, and upright basses; includes a stringed gallery and artist listing. makers [Victoria, Australia]
  • Bruce Sexauer - Luthier producing flat- and arch-top guitars, violins and string basses; information about instruments, current inventory, and contact details. [California, US]
  • JHM Instruments - Specializing in F5 mandolins and violins on commission basis, classical and contemporary. Includes photos. Glasgow, Scotland UK.
  • Charles, Jean-Paul - Handmade acoustic and electric mandolins, cavaquinhos and guitars. Information stringed about his instruments, the woods he uses, and contact details. stringed [Salvador-Bahia, Brazil]
  • P. W. Crump Co. - (Arcata, CA, USA) Irish bouzoukis, citterns, Celtic mandolins makers and guitars stringed - built, restored.
  • Dan Larson - Luthier who specializes in historic violins, mandolins, lutes and guitars. Illustrations of some of his instruments. [Minnesota, US]
  • Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo - Hurdy-Gurdies, lutes, mandolins and viols. Includes photos, prices makers and articles makers about the Hurdy-Gurdy.
  • Stoneman Guitars - Custom Guitars and Bass Guitars since the 1960's
  • Barry Dudley - Luthier creating guitars and violins; gallery of instruments, stringed with information instruments about his woods, workshop, and techniques. stringed [Georgia, US]
  • Kevin Almy - A wide range of stringed instruments: from violins instruments to archtop instruments guitars.
  • Bergin Guitars - Handcrafted guitars, mandolins, Irish bouzoukis, harps and traditional style bodhrans. instruments Also offers guitar making course in New Zealand.
  • Holst Custom Stringed Instruments - Stephen Holst. Huitars and F-style mandolins. Features instruments construction detail instruments photos, audio samples. Creswell, Oregon USA.
  • Jordan Electric Violins - Electric guitars, basses, violins, and cellos.
  • Marcello Armand-Pilon - Maker and restorer of Renaissance and Baroque lute, archlute, theorbo, instruments baroque guitar and vihuela. Includes information on his instruments, instruments a gallery, terms, and contact details. [Cremona, Italy]
  • Matthias Wagner - Reconstruction, building, restoring and repairing of historical plucked makers instruments. makers Also supplies strings. [Badenweiler, Germany]
  • Hugo Valcke Stringed Instruments - Hugo Valcke, Luthier. Handmade custom flat top guitars, stringed bluegrass banjos, mandolins, bouzoukis and citterns, resonator stringed guitars and dulcimers. Belgium.
  • Broken M Acoustics - Gordon Mayer produces handmade, custom acoustic guitars, mandolins and ukuleles; information about instruments, options, pricing, and ordering. [Washington, US]
  • Keefe Guitars - Colin Keefe Luthier. UK based maker of custom guitars, mandolins, mandolas, banjos and resonator guitars.
  • George Stevens - Maker of handcrafted instruments such as lutes, historical harps, guitars, stringed citterns and gitterns. Includes maker biography and details about wood stringed used.
  • Sheba Musical Instruments - Gavin Baird Luthier. Handcrafted guitars and mandolins made instruments to individual makers specifications.
  • Claudio Ricca Instruments - Claudio Ricca Luthier. Violins, violas, cellos and other makers classical instruments instruments plus restoration services. (Rome, Italy)
  • Proulx Guitars and Mandolins - Offers a gallery of hand-crafted and custom instruments, stringed with an stringed account of guitar construction, contact and stringed oredering details. [Ontario, stringed Canada]
  • Flatbush Stringed Instruments - Victor Smith. Handmade custom mandolins and guitars, includes instruments contact information. stringed Vejby, Denmark.
  • Sarawak Sape - Traditional lute of central Borneo. Malaysia.
  • Coog Instruments - Makes, restores and repairs American and European stringed stringed folk instruments. Includes gallery and newsletter.
  • Moon Guitars - Acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, mandolas, and instruments citterns.
  • Alison Guitars - Custom guitars, basses and violins. Repairs and restoration.
  • CB Guitars - Chris Bozung, luthier; information about his acoustic guitars and banjos, with specifications and options, testimonials, articles, and price list. [Tennessee, US]
  • Smart Musical Instruments - A. Lawrence Smart. Guitars and mandolin family stringed instruments including instruments bluegrass, octave and classic mandocellos. stringed Testimonials, articles, prices and instruments specifications. McCall, Idaho USA.
  • Jack Spira Guitars - Offers guitars, Irish bouzoukis, and mandolins. Includes craftsman\\'s profile, photographs, instruments descriptions and prices. Located in Victoria, Australia.
  • Decava Instruments - James R. DeCava Luthier. Custom made guitars, banjos, makers mandolins, ukeleles makers and other fretted string instruments.
  • Gage Guitars - Individually hand-crafted acoustic and resonator guitars, and mandolins; instruments includes a instruments gallery, and ordering details. [Massachusetts, instruments US]
  • Beltona Resonator Guitars and Ukuleles - Contact information for luthier Steve Evans and engineer Bill Johnson who build resonator ukeleles and guitars in New Zealand.

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