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Company based in Australia, making Celtic, Lever, Biblical and Concert harps. Includes specifications, help section including lessons and workshop image gallery.

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See Also:
  • Jubilee Harps - Maker of King David harps: 10-string Biblical instruments, endorsed and harp played by Greg Buchanan. Accessories available.
  • Another Era Lutherie - Craig Pierpont offers handcrafted French, Celtic, Irish, lap, clarsach and harp studio model harps. Includes pictures, prices, and descriptions.
  • Harps by Robert Cunningham - Produces handcrafted lever harps such as Celtic and harp folk harps, and a variety of ethnic and harp early musical instruments. Includes construction details and photographs.
  • David Kortier - Pictures and descriptions of lever harps, ordering information, harp and contact details.
  • Dahl Harps and Langeleiks - Information on buying Celtic Harps and Norwegian Langeleiks.
  • John Kovac - Personal information, recordings, videos, and ordering instructions.
  • Magus Harps - German builder of folk harps and historical instruments. stringed Information about the artist and his work, pictures, stringed and links.
  • Triplett Harps - Information about the company, pictures, accessories, and links.
  • Roger Muma Musical Instruments - Handmade, custom harp designs. Includes catalog, photographs and harp information about builders lessons, music and history. Based in harp London, Ontario, Canada.
  • Gärtner-Lyres - Workshop information, catalogue, news, pictures, and prices.
  • Argent Fox Music - Maker of Celtic lap and floor harps in harp wire or nylon, with or without levers. Also harp makes double-strung and cross-strung harps.
  • Stanley and Stanley Harp Makers - Celtic, folk and lever harp makers in Kingston, builders Ontario. Pictures, descriptions, and prices.
  • David Cureton - Builds harps, guitars, dulcimers and bouzoukis. Includes builders luthier\\'s profile, photographs, articles about wood soundboards and builders instrument construction, prices and contact information.
  • Heartland Harps - History, pictures and descriptions of harp models, features, ordering information, and links.
  • Dusty Strings Co. - Dusty Strings is a manufacturer of lever harps harp and hammered dulcimers. The site contains pictures, specifications, harp prices, and accessory information.
  • Harps of the South by Keith Harrison - Folk harps of different levels, styles, sizes, and decorations. Contains information on the maker and his products.
  • Dreamsinger Harps - Handmade Celtic harps, doorharps, dulcimers and psalteries. Photos, descriptions, prices, schedule, and links.
  • Passage Instruments - Harp design and construction by Dan Cady, luthier. harp Harps, dulcimers and guitars.
  • Scorhill - Peter Brough, harpmaker. Information on his harps, pictures, builders and links.
  • Harps Made by Man with Angels in Mind - Information and pictures about a harpmaker, his harps, and his harp workshops. Includes completed working drawings and details of construction harp and assembly.
  • Sandpiper Instruments - Paraguayan, Irish, Gothic, Celtic and folk harps; harp harp guitars. Product information, news, FAQ, and links.
  • Horngacher Concert Harps - Located in Germany. News, descriptions, prices, and contact harp information.
  • Steen Harp Co. - Hand crafted levered harps.
  • House of Harrari - Biblical Harp Makers - King David Harps and Biblical Harps made in Israel as musical and spiritual instruments by Micha and Shoshana Harrari.
  • Venus Harps: W & W Musical Instrument Company - Makers of Venus brand pedal harps: student, concert builders and grand builders concert size pedal harps. Site features builders including pricing, care and builders maintenance and distributor listing.
  • Harps and Harps - Australian custom harp maker: all types of harps made, sold and repaired.
  • Thurau-Harps - Manufacturer: reconstructions, restorations: from modern concert harps builders to antique builders pedal harps.
  • Soundscapes International - Custom wind harps and Aeolian harps. Pictures, CDs, builders concepts, ordering information, and links.
  • Denwar Harps - Company based in Australia, making Celtic, Lever, Biblical builders and Concert harps. Includes specifications, help section including builders lessons and workshop image gallery.
  • Wm. Rees Instruments - Luthier in Rising Sun, Indiana - Custom harps stringed and Renaissance harp psaltery line. Extensive resources section includes stringed troubleshooting, care information, and harp general information for beginning stringed and experienced harpers alike.

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