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Concert and recording artist, member of early music group, Tafelmusik, performs on the Viola D'Amore, precurser of the modern viola.

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  • Barbetti, Maurizio - CV, reviews, repertoire, discography [English and Italian]
  • Chiang, Victoria - Discography, mp3 samples, reviews, articles, by violist, concert/recording artist, and educator.
  • Ion Voicu International Foundation - Official web site for Roumanian violist Ion Voicu.
  • Georgi, Thomas - Viola D'Amore - Concert and recording artist, member of early music bowed strings group, violists Tafelmusik, performs on the Viola D\\'Amore, precurser bowed strings of the violists modern viola.
  • Francesca - Sound clips, requires Shockwave plugin [English and Italian]
  • Lyngstad, Sven Olav - Player of viola and Hardanger fiddle. Biography/CV, engagements. violists [English and Norwegian]
  • Magyar, Eniko - Official site of the violist, born in Hungay and based in England.
  • Paciorkiewicz, Artur - Viola and viola d\\'amore player. Biography, repertoire, photo gallery. [English and Polish]
  • Knox, Garth - Specializes in contemporary music. Biography, concert schedule, discography.
  • Vardi, Emanuel - World-class violist\\'s discography, mp3 clips and jpg files bowed strings of bowed strings his paintings.
  • Braconi, Simonide - Biography, discography [English and Italian]
  • Wilson, Evan - Biography, recordings, photographs, and playing tips.
  • Honingh, Mieke - Based in Holland. Sound clips. Classical and jazz.
  • Gandelsman, Yuri - Performer, teacher and conductor. Biographical information, reviews, audio viola clips and viola a press kit.
  • Zaslav, Bernard - Biography, discography, reviews, sound clips
  • de Veritch, Alan - Biography and information about the de Veritch Institute viola of Viola violists Studies.
  • Vargas, Luis Enrique - Chamber musician and member of the "Euclid Quartet." bowed strings Includes biography and photographs.
  • Taylor, George - Violist, concert/recording artist.
  • Mallow, Jeanne - Biography, reviews, performances, discography, contact information, and links to other interesting websites.
  • Rozanna Music - Music excerpts, biography, repertoire and reviews
  • Kam, Ori - Includes biography, repertoire, concert reviews and pictures.
  • Zlatarova, Milena - Principal violist of Sofia Philharmonic, Bulgaria. Biography, repertoire, bowed strings links.

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