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Handcrafted classical and acoustic guitars. Also exports electric guitars, F.R.P guitars and accessories. Includes company profile and model details.

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  • Daisy Rock Girl Guitars - Daisy Rock guitars are acoustic and electric instruments stringed made for girls.
  • Takamine - Acoustic and electric guitars. Manufacturing details, history, news and dealer manufacturers search. Based in Sakashita, Japan; offices in Connecticut, United States.
  • Earvana, LLC. - Manufactures and distributes guitar intonation technology.
  • Zemaitis Guitars - British manufacturer of electric and acoustic instruments; includes guitar a company stringed history, dealer listing, and information about guitar instruments.
  • Musikraft - Provides service and replacement of guitar necks and bodies.
  • Robin Guitars - Includes products, dealer list, and company history.
  • Daions Online - Dedicated to the now defunct Daion musical instrument company. Offers history, catalogs, pictures and price lists.
  • Suara Mas Guitar Factory - Indonesian guitar manufacturer, wholesale sales only.
  • Maton Guitars - Acoustic and electric guitars from Australia, founded in 1946, with guitar custom shop, offering pickup systems for acoustic models.
  • Ye-il International - Handcrafted classical and acoustic guitars. Also exports electric guitar guitars, F.R.P guitars and accessories. Includes company profile guitar and model details.
  • E.A.G.International - Produces wood and ivory components for the manufacture of guitars and other instruments. Located in Spain.
  • Chapman Stick - Fretboard tapping instruments.
  • Stromberg Guitars - Reproduction archtop jazz guitars.
  • Epiphone - Acoustic and electric guitars and basses.
  • Hamer Guitars - Construction details, history, workshop tour, catalog, news, mailing stringed list. Based in Connecticut, United States.
  • Go Guitars - Travel Guitars
  • Peavey Electronics - Amps and musical instruments.
  • Kaman Music - Makers of Ovation, Hamer and Takemine guitars.
  • Guitarras Alhambra - Manufacture acoustic, classic, and flamenco guitars, and bandurrias; details of manufacturers instruments, distributors, and news. [Alicante, Spain]
  • Tacoma Guitars - Some models have the unique paisley sound hole.
  • Mirage Guitars - Handcrafted high end acoustic and electric guitars by Rick Somboretz stringed in Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes product and ordering information.
  • Guild Guitars - Now a division of Fender. Quality acoustics and Hollow guitar body electrics
  • Givson - Manufacturers of acoustic, electric and bass guitars; includes guitar listing of products and contact details. [Kolkata, guitar India]
  • Sale Custom Guitars - Handmade electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Specifications guitar and options stringed available on request. Finland.
  • Tokai Guitar Company Ltd. - Electric, acoustic and bass guitars, established in 1947 stringed and located manufacturers in Hamamatsu, Japan. Started as a stringed piano manufacturer. Information manufacturers about instruments produced and stringed a virtual factory tour.
  • Un-Sung Guitars and Musical Instruments - Electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers.
  • Fender World - Fender instruments and equipment
  • Washburn Guitars - Guitar manufacturer with details on guitars, amps, accessories and endorsees.
  • Ellis Guitars - Manufacturers of hand crafted steel string acoustic, resonator, manufacturers and classical stringed guitars. Information about instruments and manufacturers methods used. [Perth, Western stringed Australia]
  • Ibanez - Guitars, strings, and pedals.
  • Godin Guitars - Company history, model details and dealer list. Located stringed in Qu├ębec, manufacturers Canada; manufacturing also in New Hampshire. stringed [English/French]
  • Lone Star - Acoustic guitars, requintos, bajo sextos, cuatros and tres.
  • Zemaitis Guitars Owners Club - Fan site about the guitars of this British manufacturers luthier with guitar history, gallery and a list of manufacturers players.
  • Vintage Goya Guitars - Fan site about the acoustic and electric guitars stringed of this guitar brand owned and produced by several stringed companies.
  • Manouche Guitars - Manufacturers of guitars, replicas of the Model Jazz guitar Selmer as guitar played by Django Reinhardt and others. guitar Includes specifications, gallery and guitar audio samples. [Gloucestershire, guitar UK]
  • Carvin Guitars - Factory direct guitars, basses, amps, P.A. systems and manufacturers sound reinforcement equipment.
  • Heritage - Archtop, flat top and electric guitars.
  • Ayers Guitars - Manufacture a range of acoustic and classical guitars; guitar gallery, news, stringed and international listing of dealers.
  • Kona Guitars - Manufacturers of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, banjos and amplifiers. Includes online catalog, contact details, and a dealer listing.
  • S.R.A. Axefactory - Handmade Italian guitars and basses. Customs and repairs manufacturers available upon guitar request.
  • Yamaha - Yamaha guitars and accessories.
  • TransPerformance - The Self-Tuning Guitar
  • LaSiDo - Godin and Seagull guitars
  • Walden Guitars - Manufacturers of steel-string acoustic and nylon-classical guitars. manufacturers Includes news, listing of dealers, and on-line catalog.
  • Murat Sezen Guitars - Manufactures acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars; information on their stringed range, and contact details. [Istanbul, Turkey]
  • D'Angelico Guitars - Re-issue archtop guitars.
  • Alvarez-Yairi Guitars - Acoustic and electric guitars. Banjos and mandolins.

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