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Manufacture and distribute a range of single coil and humbucking pickups, for guitars, basses, and acoustic instruments. Includes product descriptions, wiring guides, and dealer listing.

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  • D'Aquisto - Acoustic, electric, classical and Taperlock bass strings. Includes company information, accessories catalog, and contact details.
  • Steve Clayton, Inc - Manufacturer of picks, straps, slides, and polish.
  • Rotosound - Manufacturing acoustic, electric, and bass guitar strings.
  • DR - Handmade strings for electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well manufacturers as other acoustic instruments.
  • Luthier Music Corp. - Manufacturer of classical and flamenco guitar strings.
  • EBow - Hand-held electronic bow. Includes FAQ, audio clips, and a manufacturers list of distributors.
  • The Guitar Handrest Company - Manufacture and supply the Flexirest guitar hand and arm rest. accessories Includes product details and reviews.
  • Evidence Audio - Manufactures technology-driven guitar and instrument cables.
  • Augustine - Manufacturer of classical guitar strings. Includes history manufacturers and a list of international distributors.
  • Samhyun - Manufacturing acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar strings.
  • GHS - Acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar strings.
  • ColoRiffic Pickguards - Manufactures photographic dye print imaging on the guard guitar that is guitar guaranteed no to crack, chip, or guitar peel. Hemet, California.
  • Vinci Strings - Acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar strings.
  • McIntyre Pickups - Pickups for acoustic instruments including guitars, mandolins, and accessories banjos. Oak Island, North Carolina.
  • La Bella - Manufacturer of acoustic, electric, flamenco, classical, bass and custom guitar accessories strings.
  • Dava Inc - Multi-gauge pick to help control tension. Includes product manufacturers information, technical tips, and distribution information.
  • Walker Seats - Manufactures seats for steel guitar players; product and manufacturers contact details.
  • Jim Dunlop - Picks, capos, slides and other accessories.
  • Mighty Mite - Necks, bodies, tremolos, accessories, and repair kits.
  • Rio Grande Pickups - Manufacture and distribute a range of single coil accessories and humbucking manufacturers pickups, for guitars, basses, and acoustic accessories instruments. Includes product manufacturers descriptions, wiring guides, and accessories dealer listing.
  • Rohrbacher Technologies - Manufacturing titanium acoustic guitar strings.
  • SC Laboratories - Manufacturer of acoustic guitar pickups. Includes history, information about the manufacturers product, company information, and installation instructions.
  • Mosby Guitars - Makes and supplies custom guitar and banjo straps, inlays and covers. Product and contact details. [South Carolina, US]
  • Sfarzo Strings - Manufacturing electric guitar and bass strings. Includes testimonials, guitar catalog, company guitar information, dealer locator, and order form.
  • Elixir Strings - Polyweb guitar and bass strings. Includes a guitar dealer locator.
  • Seymour Duncan - Pickup manufacturer. Includes product information, support, FAQs, installation accessories instructions, dealer manufacturers list, and forum.
  • Dean Markley - Manufacturer and distributor of strings, pickups, and accessories. accessories Includes product guitar information, catalog, reviews, FAQs, and tips.
  • Richard Cocco Strings - Manufacturing acoustic, electric, classical, and bass guitar strings.
  • Everly Music Co. - Acoustic, classical, electric guitar and bass strings.
  • PickWorld - Custom printed celluloid, Delrin and PVC picks sold by the manufacturers gross.
  • Pirastro - Manufacturing a variety of strings for stringed instruments including acoustic, guitar electric and classic guitars.
  • D'Andrea Inc. - Maker of guitar picks, straps and music gear. Includes company guitar profile, catalog, FAQs and contact details.
  • Savarez - Manufacturing classical guitar strings.
  • S.I.T. Strings - Acoustic, electric, bass and pedal steel guitar strings. manufacturers Includes manufacturers worldwide dealer locator, dealer order form, manufacturers and mailing list.
  • John Pearse Strings - Manufacturer of strings for various instruments. Information about prices, guitar descriptions of new products, and accessories.

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