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Handcrafted guitar distortion devices that generate low-order harmonics, and are responsive to dynamics. Product information and specifications, with reviwes and mp3 clips.

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  • KR Musical Products - Manufacturer of custom-made guitar effects pedals modelled on vintage pedals. manufacturers Includes product range and reviews.
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  • Accutronics Spring Reverb - Manufacture and supply reverberation effects; includes specifications, history, and ordering manufacturers information.
  • Tonepad - Provides layouts, schematics and components for effects and amplifier projects for the do-it-yourself music community.
  • NYC Pedalboards - Build and supply custom made pedal boards; offer manufacturers information on their range and contact details.
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  • The Electric Guitar - Offers analog guitar pedal design, repair, and custom manufacturers modification services. Includes a collection of articles. manufacturers [New York, US]
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  • Mu-tron - Envelope controlled effects pedal tuned for bass and manufacturers guitar. Includes manufacturers specifications and manual.
  • Digital Music Corp. - Designs and manufactures electronics for professional recording and manufacturers touring musicians. Makers of the Voodoo Lab pedal.
  • Death By Audio - Creates hand-wired custom effects pedals and effects. Includes accessories reviews, and accessories ordering information.
  • Stompin Ground - Manufacturer of pedalboard effects systems and shock-mount rack cases. manufacturers Includes product specifications, FAQs, manuals, and online shopping.
  • Axis Research - Manufacturer of the fuzz faze; includes product specifications effects and features.
  • Morley - Manufacturer of distortion, echo, volume and wah pedals. accessories Product accessories and dealer details.
  • Barber Electronics - Produce hand-made guitar effects pedals. Information on products, accessories reviews, audio manufacturers samples, and dealer listing.
  • Orion Effekte - Guitar effects handmade in Germany; product details, mp3s, accessories reviews, and manufacturers dealer listing.
  • Real McCoy Custom - Handmade wah-wah pedals since 1993 by Geoffrey R. effects Teese. Product, dealer, and contact details.
  • Snarling Dogs - Manufacturer of wah pedals, stomp boxes and accessories. manufacturers Product effects details and dealer listing.
  • Cusack Music - Design and manufacture pedals; includes specifications, artist endorsements, manufacturers dealer listing, and contact details.
  • Boss - Manufacturer of a range of effects equipment and accessories. Catalog effects and product listings. [English and Japanese]
  • Digitech - Manufacturer of guitar electronics; includes product details, on-line manuals, FAQ and news.

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