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The "talking guitar effect". Includes commercial models, historical data, discography of recorded examples, and plans to build your own.

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  • Foxrox Electronics - Shows the different types of FoxRox Effect Pedals, electric as well effects as offering information and sound clips electric for each Pedal.
  • Yamaha Magic Stomp - Official site for their effects processor with download section for guitar new patches.
  • Ibanez Tube Screamers - Tons of Information about the Ibanez Tube Screamer effects pedal, mods, sound samples, and reviews.
  • The Korg A-Series Page - Information, resources, and discussion regarding the Korg A3, A2, and effects A1 effects processors.
  • MJM Guitar FX - Handbuilt quality effect pedals, and information on each effects different pedal.
  • Carl Martin Effects - List\\'s of products, reviews, and information on the Carl Martin guitar Effects Pedals.
  • Mu-Tron - History of the Mu-Tron Effects Pedals.
  • PedalHeaven.com - guitar-effects museum - Loads of Pictures of Guitar Effects and Pedals!
  • Guitar Wiring and Modification - Guitar wiring and modification. Photos and wiring diagrams and links effects to modify a Fender Stratocaster to humbucking pickups.
  • Envelope Filters - Gives detailed information on how Envelope Filters work.
  • Guitar Effects Information Repository - A huge repository of guitar effects resources, including: guitar reviews, sound samples, experts advice forums, etc.
  • Pedaldoc - The site of a Spanish company selling mod effects kits for electric guitar effect on the net. Pedaldoc effects ships worldwide the same electric day that their kits effects are purchased and the shipping costs electric are included effects in the price of the kits.
  • Tonefrenzy - Effects information, many sound samples with reviews also guitar for guitars electric and discussion board.
  • Lehle Switching - Lehle Switching Effect Pedals that have increased stability, electric and switches that provide excellent signals. Also has electric information on their Pedals and how the switches electric effectively increase the signal.
  • Dr. Daktari Guitar Pedal Collection - A collector shares his collection of guitar pedals. guitar Includes scans guitar of manuals, and pedals for sale guitar listing.
  • Aron Nelson's Stompbox page - An archive of schematics, links, resources, and a electric message board for subjects related to effects and electric electronics.
  • Jacques Stomp Boxes - Host\\'s a variety of Stomp Boxes and information electric on each of the offered products.
  • Guitar Pedals- Buying Guide - A buyers guide for those looking for information guitar on buying guitar the right pedal, multi effect pedals, guitar racks, modeling, what to guitar look for.
  • G2D Guitar Pedals - Handmade guitar pedals designed for blues, country, jazz, pop, rock, electric and metal from New Zealand.
  • Harshnoise.com - Information, pictures and reviews of effects and electronic equipment.
  • AMZFX - Effects and audio projects and schematics including a collection of effects vintage circuits. Features articles and a newsletter.
  • Zoom GFX-707 Patches - Database of patches and information about the GFX-707 effects multi-effects unit; includes a discussion forum.
  • The TC Electronic G-Force Page - Unofficial site about the TC Electronic G-Force guitar effects processor. Includes information about setup, blocks, programming and tips.
  • MacKinnon, Alistair - Discusses digital guitar effects, pitch scaling, and software electric modelling. Also effects contains articles on software quality and electric business.
  • Zoom BFX-708 Patch Database - On-line database of patches for the Zoom BFX-708 bass guitar multi-effect unit.
  • The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page - Information on effects, DIY projects, technical aspects, and tube amps.
  • Keeley Effects - Modded Pedals, custom pedals, and their own pedals. effects Keeley Effects guitar offers modded pedals that give a effects little more than the guitar originals.
  • Tone Settings - A database of amplifier settings to create a guitar range of sounds.
  • Zoom 505 Central - Unofficial resource; includes a library of patches, details guitar of factory effects defaults, manual, and instructions on building guitar an expression pedal.
  • The Talkbox FAQ - The "talking guitar effect". Includes commercial models, historical guitar data, discography of recorded examples, and plans to guitar build your own.
  • Smallbox Effects - Graphical layouts and schematics for popular effects aimed effects at the effects beginning builder of guitar effects.
  • FuzzEffect - A history of the Guitar Fuzz Pedal, the guitar Effect that guitar changed Rock Music Forever!
  • SansAmp PSA-1 - Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to guitar achieve specific effects effects, official and submitted by users.
  • The Korg AX1G Patch Page - A library of patches (settings) for the KORG guitar AX1G Guitar Multi-Effects Processor.
  • Indyguitarist Effect Pedals - Learn how to modify or build your own guitar effect pedals, effects one year technical support included.
  • Loco Box - Information on the Loco Box Effects Pedals of guitar the 70\'s electric and 80's.
  • An Evaluation Of Effects And Pedals- Vox Wah Wah - History of the Vox Wah Wah, interesting information, guitar interviews, how to tell if you have a guitar Classic Wah.
  • Grail Tone - A database of tone settings for a variety electric of amps and effects; also has articles, reviews electric and a forum about Mesa Boogie amps.
  • Guitarsite.com - Information about effect pedals, effects explained, effects loop, effects building your guitar own, Tone and Effects placement.
  • Tel-Ray - Dedicated to vintage oilcan echo and vibrato effects. Includes photos, schematics and a forum.
  • The Big Muff Museum - Electro-harmonix, sovtek, modern and vintage. Guitar effects, pictures, links, and electric blog.
  • SansAmp GT2 - Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to achieve specific effects, official and submitted by users.
  • Schematic Heaven - Offers free downloads of vintage amplifier and effects schematics.
  • BossArea - Product Reference - Descriptions of the available pedals.
  • Runoff Groove - Features DIY (do-it-yourself) guitar effect pedals, with articles effects on selected effects schematics; includes sample mp3 clip.
  • Mode Zero Catalog of Effects with Sound Files - Offers Sound Files for a large number of electric different Effects Pedals and makes it easier for electric a person to choose between the different types electric of Effects Pedals available.
  • DiscoFreq's FX Site - A library of effects; includes product listings, technical details and guitar schematics, and do-it-yourself projects.
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