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An enthusiast for Tom Anderson guitars presents a gallery of photos and profiles of selected instruments. Includes a "for sale" section.

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  • Parker Fly Manual On-Line - An HTML version of the Parker Fly guitar manual, complete with illustrations.
  • Harmony Central - Articles and ratings of guitars, effects and amps, stringed submitted by guitar users. Hosts one of the largest stringed web forums on these guitar topics.
  • Carvin Museum - History of Carvin Musical Instruments including amplifiers, guitars stringed and basses, electric offering galleries, catalogs, ID guides and stringed a forum.
  • Harmony USA - Fan site dedicated to the musicians who have played a guitar Harmony instrument.
  • Micro-Frets - A register and gallery of vintage Micro-Frets guitars guitar which were released in the mid \'60s with guitar unique features.
  • Guitar Nuts - Offering technical advice to players who want to stringed repair or guitar customize their instrument.
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  • Kustom Guitars - Dedicated to the early models and the musicians stringed who have guitar used them.
  • Jeff Maguire's History of the Electric Guitar - The development of the electric guitar from the stringed perspectives of stringed both the inventors and the most stringed influential players.
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