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Products listed by category and includes: pro audio, guitar, bass, and accessories sections with detailed specifications and cabinet descriptions. Company history and contact information are also available as well as an artist list.

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  • Torres Valve Amplifiers - Custom built tube amps, amplifier kits, and parts. guitar Includes information on building and modding your amp.
  • Kustom - Guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as P.A. technology systems, stage amplification monitors, microphones, and speakers.
  • Hiwatt Amplification - Model and tech information, catalog, and dealers.
  • Electrosonic Amplifiers - Builds custom all-tube guitar amplifiers. Information about products and services to musicians.
  • Savage Audio, Inc. - High-end guitar amplifiers handmade in Savage, Minnesota. Includes photo gallery and audio clips.
  • Z.Vex Effects - Manufacturer of amplifiers and effects pedals; includes product technology details, manuals, guitar sound samples and ordering instructions.
  • Metaltronix Amplifiers - Information on Metaltronix amplifiers including manuals, settings, schematics, history, ads, and message board.
  • In-Vision Technologies - Manufacturer of custom handmade boutique guitar pedals and technology musical accessories technology for guitar, bass, and studio use.
  • Rockman - An enthusiast's appreciation of Rockman guitar gear.
  • Steve's Amp Revamps - Amplifier repairer and modifier\\'s site based in Surrey, amplification UK. Includes amp modification faq.
  • Gallien-Krueger - Bass cabinets, heads, combos, and accessories.
  • Totally Humungus Productions - Maker of guitar pedals and preamps, including Scott\\'s Crispy Cream Treble Booster.
  • Line 6 - Digital guitar amps and equipment.
  • Marshall Amplification - Product images and specifications, information on \\'rock kits\\' as well as free instructional material and desktop themes. Also includes a player feedback section, handbooks for download, and an archive of past products.
  • Euphonic Audio - High end bass cabinets and combo amps.
  • L.R. Baggs - Manufacturer of advanced pickups and electronics for guitar amplification and other stringed instruments. Includes product details, amplification manuals, and reviews.
  • Vox Amplification - Manufacturers of Vox Guitar Amplifiers and Effects Pedals. Valve state amplification and digital guitar amps, online product registration, spare parts and amplification official merchandise.
  • Rick-Tone - Parts, schematics, and technical information for Rick-Tone and guitar other vacuum technology tube guitar amplifiers by Rick Campbell.
  • Amp Tone - Information about distortion voicing, effects placement, and cranked-tube-amp technology tone at technology any volume.
  • Roccaforte Amps - Custom, hand-built tube guitar amplifiers. EL34 tubes, English guitar transformes, turret technology board construction. Amp prototypes, repairs and guitar modifications.
  • Trance Audio, Inc. - Amplification systems for acoustic guitar. Product information; downloadable technology .pdf manuals.
  • Mesa Boogie - Manufacturers located in Petaluma, California. Features a tour through the construction process, a dealer list, and a new product release section.
  • Garnet Guitar Amplifiers - Facts, photos, specifications and details of Garnet amps, technology as well amplification as a serial number registry.
  • Gerhart Amplification - Handmade tube guitar amps and kits.
  • Demeter Amplification - Products listed by category and includes: pro audio, guitar, bass, guitar and accessories sections with detailed specifications and cabinet descriptions. Company guitar history and contact information are also available as well as guitar an artist list.
  • Juke Amplification - Hand-built vacuum tube amps. Models, specifications, purchase information.
  • Cornford Amplification - UK maker of valve guitar amplifiers. Includes sound technology samples [requires technology Flash 5].
  • Crate Amps - Company background information and product overviews, as well as a dealer list, and a support section containing FAQs, and downloadable manuals. Also features a list of users and the gear they selected.
  • Kendrick Amplifiers - Manufacturer of tube amps, guitars, and related accessories. amplification Parts, repairs and restoration of vintage tube amps. amplification Site features a demo room with MP3 clips, amplification a company history section, and ordering information.
  • Electric Amp Innovations - Green Amps: tube amplifiers and speaker cabs for amplification guitar and bass.
  • Victoria Amp Company - Detailed descriptions of the various models offered as guitar well as guitar the components used. Also includes a guitar dealers list by state guitar and links to parts guitar suppliers and reference material.
  • Hughes and Kettner - Product specifications and detailed descriptions, as well as guitar an image gallery. Also features an artist guitar list, dealer information, and downloadable user manuals. Available guitar in English and Dutch.
  • Pure Sixty-Four Guitar Amplifiers - Offering boutique guitar amplifiers including the "64" and technology the "Nitro".
  • Marshall Arts - User-maintained site including information on past and current amplification Marshall amplifiers, speaker cabinets and accessories. User-submitted amplification photos of Marshall equipment and FAQs.
  • Aguilar Amplifiers - Makers of handmade bass amps.
  • Aiken Amplification - Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical technology database.
  • Laney - UK manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers. [requires guitar Flash]
  • Rocktron - Manufacturer of amplification and effects technology; includes product guitar details, dealer guitar listing and technical support.
  • Naylor Amps - Product features and details pertaining to tone and technology response. Also contains speakers and padded covers, technology a distributor list, and contact information.
  • Plexi Palace - Vintage guitar amplifier sales and service. Apple Valley, technology California.
  • Hoffman Amplifiers - Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube technology amps.
  • Dr Z Amplifiers - Professional quality amps with sound clips and reviews.
  • Soldano Custom Amplification - Information regarding reverbs, heads, preamps, and special effect equipment as technology well as a list of retails and famous users. Also technology features a FAQ section and contact information.
  • Eden Electronics - Bass amplification products.
  • Tone King Amplifier Company - Manufacturer of vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers.
  • - A library of do-it-yourself projects to modify stompboxes and effects, amps and guitars; includes a components shop.

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