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Professor of music and southern culture at the University of Mississippi. Includes links to singing related sites, abstracts of published books, and book reviews.

    Top: Arts: Music: Musicology: Ethnomusicology: Ethnomusicologists

  • Po-wei Weng - Wesleyan University PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology who studies musicology Peking opera, musicology music in Taiwan and China, and musicology Film/TV music. Includes CV, musicology publications, and blog.
  • Tran Van Khe - Curriculum vitae, biography and a list of publications musicology of this ethnomusicology renowned Ethnomusicologist.
  • Harriet Ottenheimer - Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University, with ethnomusicologists interest in musicology African ethnomusicology. Includes academic links organized ethnomusicologists by methodology.
  • Harrison, Frank Llewellyn - Biography noting his Irish background and education, international teaching positions, teaching, specialized studies, and major editing and writing credits. From the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.
  • Lucie Rault - Biography and a list of publications of this ethnomusicology ethnomusicologist who ethnomusicology specializes in Chinese music.
  • Waring Music - Dennis Waring, Ph.D., Ethnomusicologist gives educational workshops in musicology world music. musicology Information on teaching programs, performances, and musicology publications.
  • Eric Charry - Information on Mande music of West Africa, and ethnomusicologists links to hundreds of online ethnomusicology resources.
  • Dieter Christensen - Columbia University ethnomusicologist, who has written on Kurdish musicology music. Includes ethnomusicologists CV and list of publications.
  • Kai Fikentscher - Listing of publications and lectures by this independent musicology ethnomusicologist.
  • James Hamilton - Information on his work: book reviews, articles, MIDI ethnomusicologists files, photographs and promotional material for his music ethnomusicologists groups.
  • Steel, David Warren - Professor of music and southern culture at the University of ethnomusicologists Mississippi. Includes links to singing related sites, abstracts of published ethnomusicologists books, and book reviews.
  • Michael Frishkopf - University of Alberta ethnomusicologist; specializes in Arab music, ethnomusicologists Sufi music, ethnomusicology and Islamic rituals. Includes CV and ethnomusicologists numerous downloadable articles (rtf).
  • Franklin, John Curtis - Music archeologist who works with the International Study Group on ethnomusicologists Music Archaeology. Includes articles and links to online resources.
  • Amelia Ingram - Wesleyan ethnomusicology student who specializes in the musics of Trinidad musicology and Tobago. Includes resources on parang music.
  • Dane Kusic - Information on courses taught, both at UMBC and ethnomusicologists in online courses.
  • Lisa Urkevich - Specialist in music of the Arabian Peninsula. Includes ethnomusicology photos and ethnomusicologists sound clips.
  • Roderic Knight - Professor of Ethnomusicology at Oberlin (USA) whose research ethnomusicologists interests include Mandinka drumming from West Africa and ethnomusicologists Javanese gamelan.

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