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European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music: includes a newsletter, information about upcoming events, and the subscription to its biannual journal.

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See Also:
  • American Musicological Society - Southern Chapter - Member and meeting news for the states of Alabama, Florida, South Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico.
  • International Musical Council - UNESCO council comprised of music committees in 70 organizations countries. Includes musicology IMC news, projects, and general info.
  • International Musicological Society - Membership information and archive of society communiques. Also, musicology musicology article organizations and database links.
  • Musicological Society of Australia - Includes online meeting minutes, newsletter, and Australian musicology organizations links.
  • Music Cognition Group - Learn about and participate in their research, or organizations download publications music by members. Also includes news, press organizations clippings, and course information.
  • Israel Musicology Society - Information on meetings and members, as well as their journal Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online.
  • The Musicological Society of Japan - Includes membership information, and the table of contents musicology of their music triannual journal Ongakugaku.
  • Society for Seventeenth Century Music (RISM) - Links to Journal and Society, and access to organizations the RISM organizations database system for musicology sources.
  • ESCOM - European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music: organizations includes a musicology newsletter, information about upcoming events, and organizations the subscription to its musicology biannual journal.
  • American Musicological Society - Society information; wealth of academic links.

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