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Organization of music industry professionals whose goals include the networking of members and the promotion of music worldwide. Includes a list of mentors, links and current member demographics.

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  • Global Alliance of Performers - Non-profit group based in Washington state joining together musicians, performers, producers, artists and journalists, seeking to improve the world.
  • NAMM: International Music Products Association - Members represent every aspect of musical instrument manufacturing and retailing. music Information about membership, and all the promoted activities.
  • Music Fan Clubs Organization - Fan-oriented site providing up to date information about organizations your favorite singers, groups and bands.
  • NAPBIRT - National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians. organizations Includes a arts list of repair schools, details of organizations regional clinics and membership.
  • Johnny Mercer Foundation, The - A non-profit organization devoted to preserving and celebrating organizations the Great organizations American Songbook in the tradition of organizations Johnny Mercer. Helps the organizations blind to read and organizations play music.
  • Acoustical Society of America - Contains meeting and membership information, a list of organizations publications, and a number of natural and man-made organizations sound samples in the .au format.
  • National Association of Negro Musicians - The oldest organization dedicated to the preservation, encouragement and advocacy of all genres of the music of African-Americans in the world. Contains general association information, and links to information on many of the members.
  • A Cappella Almanac - Official home of CASA - the Contemporary A Cappella Society music of America. A source for news and information related to music all-vocal music. Also features events, groups, albums, tips and advice, music reviews, classifieds, web directory, and song arrangements library
  • The IMA Web - The International Music Association. Features classical music arts and provides a community for the public, music arts lovers, and musicians.
  • The Children's Music Network - A nonprofit association that now has members across organizations the United music States and Canada, including teachers, performers, organizations songwriters, radio hosts, and music parents who care about organizations the quality and content of children\\'s music music. Includes organizations event calendar, the magic penny aw
  • Rock & Roll Library - Works to recognize the historical and cultural significance of popular music. Sponsorship information, newsletter signup, teacher resources, and gift shop.
  • Just Plain Folks - Organization of music industry professionals whose goals include music the networking arts of members and the promotion of music music worldwide. Includes a arts list of mentors, links music and current member demographics.
  • Film Music Society - Devoted to the preservation of classic Hollywood movie music and television organizations scores. Includes information about many Hollywood music composers and film scorers, organizations and membership information.
  • International Association of Music Information Centres - A network of organizations promoting new music, active in thirty-six countries. Each center is responsible for documenting and promoting the music of its own country or region.
  • Conductors Guild - Includes listing of activities and publications, and downloadable composer contract organizations forms.
  • Choristers Guild - An ecumenical organization of directors of children\\'s and youth choirs music and publisher of music and related materials. Includes information about music events and scholarships.

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