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Sites which are listed here are normally mp3 sites which offers a small collection of mp3 files put up by the webmaster.The files here are usually the webmaster's personal collection or favorite mp3s to be shared with visitors.

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See Also:
  • JHP - A collection of rock and alternative MP3s, and articles by the webmaster.
  • Elaine's Groovy Grove - MP3 files of Billboard Hits, Disney and other mp3 movies\' soundtracks, downloads and foreign songs.
  • DaSpy's Bar - Webmaster\\'s own collection of over 40 classic rock songs from downloads Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden.
  • Share A Song - A young Filipino woman\\'s picks in popular music. Can downloads be downloaded for personal use as albums or podcasts.
  • MP3 Trade - Website facilitating the trading of MP3s. Includes a personal collections list of the owner's files available for trade.
  • The National Cynical Network's Sound Room - Midnight Voicejail episodes and other sound clips.
  • Marshall's Music Domain - Offers MP3 files of American patriotic songs.
  • Truckin' MP3s - Collection of songs by various artists.
  • Italian Music Console - MP3 files of songs by Italian artists.

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