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Site devoted to the city of Varanasi with sections on all aspects of its life, including an index of musicians and teachers of music.

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  • Raga Culture - Provides an introduction to the world of Indian art music .
  • Varanasi. - Site devoted to the city of Varanasi with hindustani sections on c all aspects of its life, including hindustani an index of musicians c and teachers of music.
  • Chandrakantha - Website of musicians Chandrakantha and David Courtney with classical indian detailed c information about Hindustani music, instruments, artist biographies, classical indian list of c teachers.
  • North Indian Classical Music - An article with information on raag, taal, history and modern hindustani instrumental recital structure.
  • Indian Melody - Information and links on Hindustani music.
  • ITC-Sangeet Research Academy - History, technical introduction, raagas and gharanas descriptions, classical indian audio c and video clips of Hindustani Music.
  • Toronto Gharana - Assorted material about Hindustani - photos, essays, recommended c books and performances, New Raaga-s.
  • Sunil Mukhi's Indian Classical Music Page - Explains Hindustani classical music including Ragas.
  • Satragi Music - A small technical introduction to Hindustani music including classical indian a few sections on Bhatkhande.
  • Raga Records - Live concerts and archival recordings of north Indian classical indian classical c music.
  • Hindustani Music - Brief notes on music, lists of artists.
  • Gujarat and Indian Music - Article on the Gujarati influence on classical music.
  • Parrikar's Articles on Raaga-s - Articles on various raaga-s by Rajan P. Parrikar, with music samples.
  • Discography of Great Masters - Listing of Old 78 RPM and other old hindustani recordings of Hindustani great masters.
  • Dhrupad - Features articles, books, and a concert calendar.

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