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Dr Gary Boyes' research into playing styles and repertoire for the Baroque guitar, with an explanation of tablature used in the period.

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  • A manuscript found in Oporto - Preserved in Galvao-Kristófcsák Foundation of Lagos, in Algarve, early music Portugal, early music it is a unique, anonymous collection of early music works for early music five course Baroque guitar.
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  • Early Guitar - Scores and MIDIs of arrangements by Dana Hawkes. instruments In .pdf instruments form.
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  • The Guitar in England - Excerpts from "The Early Guitar: A History and early guitars Handbook" instruments (James Tyler, OUP, 1980), describing the development early guitars of the instruments vihuela, Renaissance and Baroque, and English early guitars guitars, with comments instruments on tunings and playing techniques.
  • The Baroque Guitar :: Printed Music from 1606-1737 - Dr Gary Boyes\\' research into playing styles and repertoire for the Baroque guitar, with an explanation of tablature used in the period.
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