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The history of bass string instruments such as the viola da gamba, violone, and double bass, along with their performance practices and iconography.

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  • Early Music Vincent Ho - Early music and instruments, sound files of harpsichords e and clavichords, and a table with pictures of e the author\\'s early music instruments collection, from medieval e psalteries to Renaissance recorders.
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  • Mary Rasmussen's Horn and Lute Iconography - Iconography of the horn, lute, pipe and tabor, instruments and tambourine instruments in Western-European Art.
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  • National Music Museum - Founded as an academic support unit of The early music University of South Dakota, this collection includes more early music than 10,000 American, European, and non-Western instruments from early music virtually all cultures and historical periods.
  • Joëlle Morton's Historical Bass - The history of bass string instruments such as instruments the viola instruments da gamba, violone, and double bass, instruments along with their performance instruments practices and iconography.
  • Contrabass Compendium - A list of bass and contrabass instruments, past and present.
  • Stages in Evolution of Scales, Melody and Harmony - Paper about the stages in the origins of e music and its development.
  • Neanderthal Flute - Musicological analysis by Bob Fink of the oldest e musical instrument, including its significance to the origin e of music.
  • Instruments to Play Medieval Music - Pictures of medieval instruments with illustrations from medieval instruments art. instruments Includes audio clips, bibliography and discography instruments in French.
  • Culturekiosque Klassiknet: Baroque Instruments - A dictionary to provide the music lover with instruments a reasonable amount of information about period instruments.
  • A Loud, Low Cost Cornemuse You Can Build from CPVC - Build a cornemuse in 1.5 hours, from an archived discussion early music from the Musical Instrument Makers Forum.

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