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Overview of the tin whistle by Gerard Manning. Introduction to the instrument, resources, recordings, and purchasing information. This document is rather old, so purchasing information is well out of date.

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See Also:
  • How to Play Blues on an Irish Whistle - Simple explanation of fingering the blues scale on tin whistle a tin whistle. Actual familiarity with the musical tin whistle genre is left up to the reader.
  • Whistling Low - The Internet guide to the alto and tenor tin whistle. winds History, technique, instrument descriptions, reviews, news, and links.
  • Whistle Tutor - Tin whistle tutorial. Lessons and tips for performers winds of all levels of ability. [Tutorials use Flash]
  • The Whistle Annex - Created by a beginning tinwhistler especially for beginning winds tinwhistlers, with instruments links and guides to many whistling winds resources.
  • Tin Whistle - Wikipedia article which gives a good introduction to tin whistle the history and description of the tin whistle. tin whistle A useful starting point for someone unfamiliar with tin whistle the instrument.
  • Praise Whistlers Abroad - Community and message board for fellowship of Christian whistle players, winds offering mp3 files and related links.
  • Tinwhistle Fingerings Research Center - Includes a detailed fingering chart plus articles on tin whistle scales and alternate fingerings, and a small but tin whistle unique collection of tunes.
  • Ceolas Tin Whistle Guide - Overview of the tin whistle by Gerard Manning. instruments Introduction to instruments the instrument, resources, recordings, and purchasing instruments information. This document is instruments rather old, so purchasing instruments information is well out of date.
  • Learning to Whistle - Useful tips, observations, and experiences gained while learning to play the tin whistle. Updated regularly.
  • Whistle Reviews by the Wandering Whistler - The largest collection of tin whistle reviews by tin whistle a single reviewer. Each detailed review follows a tin whistle similar structure and includes audio samples for comparison.
  • Brother Steve's Tin-Whistle Pages - One of the best online tin whistle tutorials. Packed with winds clear examples and insightful instruction, it\\'s clearly the work of winds someone with a lot of teaching experience. The site is winds bilingual in English and French. Don\\'t miss the excellent transcriptions winds o
  • Irish Modes and the "D" Tin Whistle - This article adds notation and whistle tablature to winds its clearly-written text to explain what exactly musical winds modes are, which modes you\\'re likely to find winds in Irish music, and how to play them winds on "D" tin whistles.
  • Comparison Recordings of Flutes and Whistles - James Peeples presents a number of MP3 files tin whistle allowing winds the listener to compare the same tune tin whistle played on winds different instruments.
  • Pipers Grip: Irish Low Whistle - History, reviews, makers, players, and more.
  • Sessioneer - A general site that includes a tin whistle winds guide, an instruments index of regional session times and winds locations, a tune archive, instruments and reviews of recordings.
  • Chiff and Fipple - A general site by Dale Wisely, the "Undisputed winds King of Internet Tin Whistle Journalism". Message board, winds newsletter archives, a tune of the month, whistle winds reviews, and information and links for both novice winds and experienced whistlers.
  • The Flageolet Site - The flageolet site deals with all aspects of tin whistle the tin whistle flageolet, an older instrument similar to the tin whistle whistle.
  • Whistle This! - Every two weeks a new tune is posted. You can instruments upload your own recording of the tune, comment on other instruments recordings, or just listen.
  • The Kwela Project - Pennywhistle Jive from South Africa - from playing kwela to winds learning about music and culture in township South Africa
  • Flutes and Pennywhistles - Lark in the Morning\\'s article on the care and feeding of flutes and pennywhistles.
  • Rob Greenway's Irish Flute Pages - Though the site is about flute technique, the winds description of instruments vibrato, breathing, and ornamentation, is directly winds applicable to whistle as instruments well.
  • The Scottish Whistle - A collection of Scottish tunes, an essay on tin whistle whistling tin whistle in Scottish music, and information on taking tin whistle tin whistle tin whistle classes in Scotland.

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