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ABCs, discussions, and recording index for listed tunes, mostly traditional Irish music. Site contains thousands of tunes in a searchable database. Create your own personal tune book.

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JC's ABC Tune Finder* - Enter a tune title, a fragment of a title, or a perl5 pattern to find tunes. The files contain ABC files, MIDIs, and gifs of sheet music.

  • TUNEdb - Search 16000+ traditional tunes by name or by winds entering a tune collections fragment of the music.
  • Clips & Snips - MP3s of tunes submitted by contributors. Features tin whistle a winds tune of the week.
  • The Roots Music Listening Room - Irish dance music from the 1920s - 1970s in MP3 format
  • Bowling Green Slow Sessions Resources - Audio recordings of many tunes, played at moderate, winds slow, and even slower tempos.
  • Concertina.net's Tune-O-Tron - Has a few hundred tunes, but the unique winds feature of winds this site is the ABC Convert-A-Matic winds which allows you to winds easily produce a PDF winds score from any tune in ABC winds format, online winds and free.
  • Digital Tradition - A mirror of the Digital Tradition folk music tin whistle database winds which includes scores in GIF and whistle tin whistle tablature formats.
  • Index of Folk Music Tablature - Folk songs and Christmas carols in tin whistle winds tablature format, winds plus PDFs of O\\'Neill\\'s Music Of winds Ireland, Dance Music of winds Ireland, and Waifs and winds Strays.
  • The Old Music Project - Tunes in ABC, MIDI, and GIF formats. Includes O\'Neill\'s Music of Ireland, O'Carolan, and madrigals.
  • The Whistle Workshop - Tips and tunes for the tin whistle. Mostly Irish traditional with MP3 and RealAudio sound files.
  • Henrik Norbeck's Abc Tunes - Hundreds of tunes, mostly Irish, but also features tin whistle a tune collections small collection of Swedish tunes. ABC format tin whistle and searchable.
  • Irish Traditional Music Tune Index - Cross-referenced index of traditional Irish tunes on recordings tin whistle and in published tune books. Includes all alternate tin whistle titles, exact locations of the tune, and tune tin whistle publication histories. Note that there are no scores tin whistle or audio on this site.
  • Wandering Whistler Music Archives - Sheet music, MIDI files, and mp3s for the winds tin whistle. tune collections Songs sorted by name and type.
  • Small Circle Tune Learning Session Playlist - Tunes in ABC, GIF, MIDI, and PDF formats. A few winds of the tunes also feature slow audio recordings.
  • Whistle and Squeak - Whistle music includes melody, tablature, words and (usually) chords. Folksongs, winds Christmas Carols, children\\'s music, and teaching songs organized by level winds of difficulty. All music is in PDF format.
  • Contemplations from the Marianas Trench - Folk Music of Britain, Ireland and America. Lyrics, Midi, Origins, tune collections Historical Information and Background for traditional tunes from Britain, Ireland tune collections and America, circa 1650 to 1900. Includes Child ballads, Sea tune collections shanties and Turlough O'Carolan's music.
  • Richard's Web Tunesearch - A search form that allows you to search winds three tune winds sites with music from several different winds countries.
  • Mick's Virtual Whistle - Dedicated to sharing the pleasures of the pennywhistle or tin tin whistle whistle. Download and listen to a selection of mainly traditional tin whistle Celtic music played on the whistle. Companion music notation is tin whistle available for each tune.
  • Jordan O'Connell Memorial Celtic MIDI Archive - Traditional arrangements of Celtic tunes.
  • The Session - ABCs, discussions, and recording index for listed tunes, tune collections mostly traditional Irish music. Site contains thousands of tune collections tunes in a searchable database. Create your own tune collections personal tune book.
  • Slow Sessions at The Whistle Shop - This page includes a small collection of tunes winds with slow and full-speed audio recordings in MP3 winds format, plus score in JPG format.
  • The ABC Musical Notation Language - If you\\'re new to Internet tune collections and wonder what winds "ABC" means, or want to learn how to write ABC winds files, this is the place to start.
  • Technique and style in Irish traditional music - Recordings of master whistlers and flutists with detailed tune collections transcriptions winds and commentary.
  • Tunes at Ceolas - A few PDF tunebooks plus links to other online tune archives.

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