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This page is dedicated to the Welsh song "The Ash Grove," and includes many variants of lyrics and audio clips.

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See Also:
  • Traditional Music - A collection of tunes, mostly traditional Celtic, in midi and celtic notation (gif format), with suggestions for a basic repertoire.
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  • Craig Cockburn - Songbook - Articles on Celtic vocal music and MIDI files tune collections of Scots and Gaelic songs.
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  • An t-Alltan Dubh: Gaelic Song Collection - A collection of over 300 Scottish Gaelic songs, with lyrics resources and many with MIDI accompaniment.
  • Irish Traditional Music Tune Index - Large, detailed database of tunes. Identifies tunes on commercial recordings celtic and in the major tune books. Includes statistics, definitions, and celtic analysis of Irish traditional music.
  • Ceolta Gael - A collection of traditional lyrics in Gaelic, with resources tunes in tune collections abc format.
  • An Daras Music - A small collection of traditional songs in Cornish celtic (notation and tune collections lyrics).
  • Tunes at Ceolas - Hundreds of Celtic tunes in various electronic formats, with the celtic software to view and play them, and a large index celtic of published sources of Celtic and other folk tunes.
  • The Session - A collection of Irish traditional tunes in abc and GIF celtic formats contributed by members.
  • G8INA's Irish Music Links - Primarily a listing of links to sources of celtic Irish tunes in a variety of formats.
  • Jordan-O'Connell Memorial Celtic MIDI Archive - Featuring over 100 folk dance MIDIs.
  • The Irish Traditional Music Archive - Archive and resource centre for the traditional resources song, music and dance of Ireland. Information resources about collections, catalogues and activities.
  • Paddy O'Brien Tune Collection - Information about a compilation of jigs and reels celtic from the celtic repertoire of Paddy O\\'Brien, known as celtic a repository Irish traditional celtic music. Includes reviews, celtic pricing and ordering instructions.
  • The Ash Grove - This page is dedicated to the Welsh song celtic "The Ash Grove," and includes many variants of celtic lyrics and audio clips.
  • Wighton Database - Searchable catalogue of the Wighton Collection of Scottish tune collections national music held in Dundee Central Library, Scotland.

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