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[Win] For chords and lyrics, with a flexible dictionary. Imports text, suggests chord diagrams (guitar) which can be heard and transposed.

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See Also:
  • Pizzicato - MIDI based, helps beginners learn notation and compose. notation Includes a free music course. Demo notation available.
  • Encore - MIDI music composer that helps you go from concept to notation published score with minimum effort. By GVOX.
  • Opus 1 Music Inc. - Company that develops software for OPENSTEP and Macintosh computers: features notation NoteAbility Pro and NoteWriter.
  • ABC2Win - For writing and editing of abc tunes, file software management and playback. View tunes as notation. Register software for printing.
  • Ceol Mor Software Ltd. - [Win] Drag and drop bagpipe and drum score music and audio writing software. Suitable for beginners and advanced users.
  • Igor Engraver - [Win-Mac] Professional notation software: includes program features, samples, music and audio and a downloadable demo.
  • The ABC Plus project - Provides software and documentation for the extension to ABC notation software which provides for polyphonic music.
  • Arkkra Enterpises - [Dos-Linux-Unix] Mup, a batch musical typesetter. Reads a notation descriptive input music and audio file, outputs PostScript and MIDI. Shareware.
  • Nightingale - [Mac] Description and ordering information for this easy notation to learn software and use notation program. A free notation light version available.
  • Braeburn Music Publisher - Editor also offers transposition, playback, and scanning input.
  • Turandot - Simple score entry, professional printing, access to score library. notation Supports orchestral and guitar notation.
  • Lily Pond - Score printing with many typographical features of traditional notation engravers.
  • DrawMusic ChordSong - Create, play and print chord songs (chords and software lyrics).
  • Note Chaser: Musical Transcription Assistant - Transcribe music from CD tracks. Display note frequencies and play selections at full or half speed.
  • The abc Musical Notation Language - ASCII-based notation, with many tools to display, edit, play .abc files on various systems.
  • MusiCAD - Score editor facilitating arrangements, percussion, lyrics. MIDI, PDF, ABC formats. Windows.
  • CERL Sound Group - Analysis/Synthesis and notation software. Fully-functional downloadable trial version available.
  • Decifra - [Win] For chords and lyrics, with a flexible software dictionary. Imports text, suggests chord diagrams (guitar) which software can be heard and transposed.
  • ChordMaker - [Win] Creates chordsheet style guitar tablature and songbooks notation with table music and audio of contents and alphabetized index. notation Demo available.
  • NotationMachine - Sheet music software to search and create your software own sheet music and audio music from MIDI files.
  • QuickScore Elite and Copyist - [Win]┬áMusic composition, arranging, notation, MIDI sequencing and recording software.
  • Capella Music Software - Score scanning, notation editor; real-time MIDI entry.
  • NoteWorthy Composer - [Win] Simple music editor that also imports and music and audio software exports MIDI files. Downloadable shareware demo version.
  • Yahoo! Groups : Mozart_software - Mailing list for all users of this program.
  • ABC Music Project - Promotes and maintains the ABC Music Standard, a format designed music and audio to notate music using plain text.
  • SharpEye Music Reader - Music scanning software. Converts sheet music to MIDI, software NIFF, MusicXML formats.
  • Mozart - Music notation program for MS-Windows. Edits, previews, plays, notation prints full and part scores.
  • Myriad Software - [Mac-Win] Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, Virtual Singer voice synthesis, and OMeR music OCR.
  • MagicScore - Editor for professionals or hobbyists engaged in study software or self-expression.
  • GenieSoft - Create and print sheet music with "Overture 3" notation and "Score music and audio Writer 2" for PC/Mac. Converts notation MIDI.
  • MidiNotate - [Win] MIDI player that will convert any MIDI notation file to notation sheet music. Demo available.
  • TaBazar Tablature Editor - Multitrack notation program for fretted instruments and percussion. View, edit, print, and play back scores.
  • Notation Technologies - Play Music, an entry level music notation program music and audio for composers. Edit, playback, and print facilities. music and audio Style templates.
  • Musicator - [Win] Audio sequencer with notation capabilities: includes features, screenshots and notation a downloadable demo.
  • Muse Music Shareware Editor - [Win] Description, samples, download and payment information.
  • Digital Music Notebook - Sibelius application that offers digital sheet music, guitar notation tab and software multimedia method books. Scorch plug-in notation required.
  • Guitarmaster - Produces tablature and Midi files from the chords and melodies notation you play into your sound card. Demo available.
  • Graphire Music Press - [Mac-Win] Professional music typesetting software: includes features, screenshots, music and audio and ordering information.
  • TabTrax - Imports drum tabs from internet sources and converts software them into standard music format and playable MIDI software files.
  • MusicEase - [Win] Edit, transpose, print, play, import SongWright and abc files, software virtual songs/songbooks. Demo fully-functional.
  • MusiXTeX - A suite of utilities for typesetting music in software TeX. Also software houses Werner Icking Music Archive of software free sheet music.
  • Musitek - [Mac-Win] Featuring SmartScore, that allows you to scan notation and import music and audio sheet music, and then edit and notation print.
  • MidiIllustrator - Notate, print, practice, and play music from MIDI software files. Classical and guitar notations.
  • Vivaldi Studio - Publishes musical notation and scan software. Interactive score software sheets also.
  • Personal Composer - Sequencing and scoring, record, edit, listen to, and print your notation music. Windows.

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