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iPodder is small program that runs on your computer. Its only purpose is to download audio files, usually mp3s, directly to an mp3 device.

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  • Harmony Central - Covers product announcements and industry news, reviews and links.
  • PG Music - Makers of Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks, Modern Jazz Pianist, Latin multimedia Pianist, others software for Mac and IBM.
  • Voicealizer - Simple interface to enables users to place voice multimedia recordings onto multimedia any web site or weblog using multimedia the phone or a multimedia microphone. Product features, online multimedia demonstration, and purchase.
  • Singing Electrons, Inc. - Audio products and utilities, audio software development services.
  • Phonature Visualization Technology - For PocketPC, Palm, and mobile phones. Includes PhonTuner, Visual music and audio Guitar tuner, HandDee-SA spectrum analyser.
  • Mixman - DJ mix/remix software for creating music live or software in session.
  • GMEDIA Music - Developing virtual instruments, effects and utilities. Products description, technical support, distribution and purchasing information.
  • Cakewalk - Featuring programs like Sonar and Project5 and other synths and software effects.
  • Bludgeonsoft - Small and unusual experimental audio software, usable for live performances.
  • Steinberg - Includes Cubase, Wavelab, Nuendo, plug-ins, and synthesizers. music and audio music and audio Win, Mac, and Silicon Graphics.
  • Hit Squad - Many free music software downloads. Many guitar links software plus tab, music and audio online discussion forums.
  • Native Instruments - Several synths, samplers, effects and sound libraries. Features, audio samples, music and audio demos, support area.
  • Deepsound - JavaScript sample calculators, time-stretch, pitch-shifting, sample length, delays, sampling rates, and durations.
  • InTime - Interactive tempo and beat-tracking program from Circular Logic. For practice and live performances. MIDI save option.
  • FlexiMusic - Programs to generate, compose, edit, compress and DJ. Downloads available. Windows.
  • Evolution - Music software and hardware for the PC. Demos available.
  • iPodder - iPodder is small program that runs on your computer. Its software only purpose is to download audio files, usually mp3s, directly software to an mp3 device.

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