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A guitar effects processor intended to be simple and easy to use. Features effects like distortion, echo, chorus and wah-wah, and integrates a MIDI converter. Detailed documentation is offered.

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See Also:
  • Lilypond - Creates beautiful music notation from text input. Outputs linux Postscript, SVG or MIDI files. GNU license.
  • SndStretch - Plug-in for XMMS to adjust pitch and tempo of a music and audio sound.
  • Philip's Music Writer - A music typesetter. Input is a plain text file, output linux is in PostScript.
  • Sound Processing Kit - An object-oriented class library for audio signal processing.
  • SoundTracker - MOD tracker for X, similar to FastTracker. Includes linux a sample recorder and editor.
  • GLAME - Free and extensible Linux/Unix audio editor. GNU licence.
  • GNOMAD - GTK+ client program for the NOMAD Jukebox, using libnjb and software id3lib to handle communications and ID3 tagging.
  • BEAST/BSE - GTK+/GNOME based front-end to BSE framework to simulate software audio synthesis and tracking composition.
  • ZynAddSubFX - Synthesizer with two engines, realtime polyphonic, Midi support, microtonal capability, linux effects.
  • Geoff and Dave's Audio Mixer - A digital audio mixing package.
  • Rakarrack Guitar Effects - A guitar effects processor intended to be simple linux and easy music and audio to use. Features effects like distortion, linux echo, chorus and wah-wah, music and audio and integrates a MIDI linux converter. Detailed documentation is offered.
  • GramoFile - Assists in moving gramophone records onto CDs. software Filters out music and audio hiss and pops.
  • Gnome Wave Cleaner - An audio cleanup tool for GNOME. Handles WAV, MP3, software and Ogg.
  • Cdgtools - Suite of tools for handling CD+G karaoke disks linux and files.
  • Dir2ogg - Python script that converts MP3, WAV, and M4A files to music and audio Ogg format.
  • PyKaraoke - CDG/MP3+G karaoke player. Can search inside Zip linux files.
  • xmp: Extended Module Player - Open source (GNU GPL) portable module player for music and audio Unix or Win32.
  • KGuitune - A program for tuning guitars and other instruments linux that is software available for download.
  • CoverViewer XMMS Plugin - Displays covers or images related to songs. Internet music and audio cover retrieval facility. Handles tagged files, CDs, music and audio and streams.
  • Zero Tolerance's Cue Creator - A small Perl script that allows the creation of CUE and MP3/OGG/WAV-files from audio CDs.
  • Mixxx - Open source DJ mixer.
  • Audio File Library - An API for accessing a variety of audio music and audio linux file formats.
  • Linux Sampler Project - Audio sampler with features similar to hardware samplers. music and audio Offers speed, high audio quality rates, supports music and audio common sample library formats.
  • Grip - Cd-player and cd-ripper. It also provides an automated linux frontend for music and audio MP3 and other audio format encoders.
  • Aumix - Adjusts an audio mixer. X and ncurses interfaces.
  • MusE - MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities.
  • Baudline Signal Analyzer - Realtime signal analysis and spectrum analyzer tool.
  • XMMS-SID SIDplay Plugin - Plug-in for playing Commodore 64 music (SID tunes) software with XMMS. music and audio Requires libSIDPlay library (link given).
  • TiMidity++ - MIDI player, converter to wav. Uses Gravis compatible linux patches and music and audio can play these through soundcards lacking linux their own patches.
  • The TAON Project - A sound editor for Linux.
  • Orpheus - Text and window mode audio player for CDs and MP3 with CDDB interface.
  • AlsaPlayer - PCM player written for ALSA driver and library, software supports other outputs like OSS and esd. Plug-in software interface.
  • NoteEdit - Free music score editor published under the GNU linux GPL. Offers software features like MIDI playback of written linux notes and chord markings, software and supports many formats linux like MusicXML, ABCMusic, or Lilypond.
  • Quod Libet - Audio player based on GTK+ written in Python, linux lets users make playlists with regular expressions and linux provides advanced tag editing features.
  • Rosegarden - MIDI sequencer and notation editor for Unix-like systems.

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