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Free and commercial plug-ins for restoring analog feel to digital sound. Relive the grainy sound of old vinyl, the warmth of analog bass.

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  • - Convert and share effect plug-ins of different formats between audio music and audio sequencers and sound libraries.
  • Wusik - Featuring Wusikstation VSTi, a sample based virtual instrument for Windows software VST hosts. Demo, forum, MP3 examples.
  • Sonoma Wire Works - Sonoma 7 VST effects plug-in, a set of software seven optimized plug-ins effects. Downloadable demo.
  • Golden Aset - Pads, textures, soundscapes, and atmospherics. VST, VSTi.
  • Drumagog - Plug-in which automatically replaces acoustic drum tracks. Includes plug-ins reviews, downloads music and audio and features overview.
  • Silverspike - Includes R2, TapeIt,, RubyTube. Free and commercial VST plug-ins.
  • DSP-FX Virtual Pack - Effects processing, including the DSP·FX high efficiency plug-ins music and audio software and Power Technology hardware products.
  • discoDSP - VST plug-ins company. Develops Discovery, Vertigo, Phantom and HighLife. Audio plug-ins samples, downloadable demos and user community.
  • DSOUND - For guitarists and sound engineers, turns PC or Mac into software multi-effect processors. Works as EXE or VST/AU plug-ins.
  • Thelotron Technologies - Developer of the BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack DirectX music and audio plug-ins audio processing plug-ins.
  • Voxengo - VSTs include CurveEQ, Tempo Delay, Tube Amp, Stereo Touch, and MarvelEQ.
  • Wave Arts - Plug-ins such as reverb and surround, for Mac music and audio plug-ins and PC. Demos available.
  • Nomad Factory - Plug-ins for Cubase, Nuendo, Logic audio, Peak, Deck, music and audio music and audio sonicWORX, Spark and MOTU.
  • SFX Machine RT Effects - Audio multi-effects plug-in with many presets, available in music and audio VST and Audio Unit formats for Windows and music and audio Macintosh.
  • T-RackS 24 - Pro Tools plug-in for audio mastering.
  • Trifex - Creators of PhatBuzz: A mastering-plugin for enhancing bass software frequencies after music and audio limiting-stage without clipping.
  • ProSounds - VST, DX and AudioUnit audio plugin instruments patches, plug-ins presets and music and audio sounds.
  • Formulator Vocoder Plug-ins - Pitch-augmentation, sympathetic drones, voice disguisers, robot voices and plug-ins talking instruments.
  • ApulSoft - WormHole - [Mac - Win] It allows to transmit streaming plug-ins audio between software two computers over the TCP/IP protocol. plug-ins Features, downloadable demo, purchasing software information.
  • Kelly Industries - PanHandler Surround Sound plug-ins for Adobe Premiere, Cubase VST, Cool music and audio Edit Pro, SAWPro and DirectX.
  • Anwida Soft - VST Plug-ins for Mac and PC. Company profile, products software catalog, download and support area.
  • iZotope Inc. - Free and commercial plug-ins for restoring analog feel music and audio to digital sound. Relive the grainy sound music and audio of old vinyl, the warmth of analog bass.
  • Waves Ltd. - Audio signal processing for professional audio and multimedia music and audio markets. Product description, screenshots, support area, purchasing information.
  • Anarchy Sound Software - VST 2.0 plugins: AnarchyEffects, AnarchyRhythms and SwarmSynth. Audio music and audio software samples, demos, purchasing.
  • URS - Unique Recording Software Inc. - Classic console equalizers for Pro Tools MBox, Digi001, Digi002, MIX, HD and HD Accel - TDM, RTAS and Audiosuite.
  • Super Destroy FX - Free plug-ins for both Audio Unit and VST standard protocols. plug-ins Feature descriptions, screenshots and download area.
  • PSP Professional Sound Projects - Audio processors and sound effects plug-ins in VST, DirectX, MAS, plug-ins TDM, RTAS format.
  • 6-BC - A Stereo 6 Band VST compressor plug-in from music and audio software DyVision Works Software.
  • Yoll's Guitar FX-Box Presets - Adds effects such as phaser and distortion, to plug-ins guitar played through PC.
  • Lok and Load Plug-Ins Manager - Works with Pro Tools to speed loading and software apply plug-in configurations. By About Right Ltd.
  • ConcreteFX - [Win] Company that develops some VST effects: screenshots, main features, plug-ins demos and audio samples.
  • - [Win] Featuring several VST effects. Description, samples, downloadable demos.
  • FX Freeze - Control and optimize CPU usage while working with software VST instruments or effects. Screenshots, forum, support area.
  • Ohm Force - Audio effects and software synthesisers for PC and software Mac. Product information, downloadable demos, on-line store.
  • Sonic Timeworks - Features several effects compatible with DirectX, RTAS and Pulsar-Scope. Description, screenshots, demos, updates, purchasing information.
  • GogoL - Audio enhancement plugin for media players like Winamp, music and audio Sonique.
  • Nay-seven - Vst MIDI controller for the Korg ES-1. plug-ins Offers a tuner for each pad, channel change, plug-ins and editable labels for each controller.

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