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Editor's Picks:

Maz Sound* - Large collection of MOD/S3M/XM/IT Tracking software

  • MODPlug Plug-In - Browser plug-in version of Olivier Lapicque's MODPlug Player
  • Graoumf Tracker 2 - Graoumf Tracker 2 is an advanced soundtracker with software audio fx software for Windows 9x/NT/2k.
  • music massage - Archives of a newsletter devoted to mods, with mod reviews and downloads.
  • Flatdisk Mod Archive - Over 5600 collected mod, xm, it, and s3m audio formats files, along with a dictionary of "modspeak".
  • DUMP - Short for Denna Urtrista Module Player, this program software is a MOD player for Atari Falcon.
  • Tracking Startpage - The homepage for all your mod links.
  • XMP - Extended Module Player for Win95.
  • Winamp - The popular MP3 player can play MODs as well.
  • The Official Impulse Tracker Page - Impulse Tracker has an interface very similar to Scream Tracker audio formats 3, but includes more advanced features.
  • Sound Club - Demo is only a player, registered version also serves as a tracker.
  • Best trackers for making MODs - Reviews on a few tracker programs.

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