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  • Plopbox - Old school including Amiga, Atari, and C64 tunes players played directly from the site. Web radio players options, old school community.
  • Fun SoundPlayer Maker - Creates Flash sound players for website background music.
  • XMCD - Motif CD Player - Free CD audio player for UNIX and OpenVMS players that can query the CDDB over the Internet.
  • CDizz - Freeware player that adds multimedia content to any players audio CD.
  • @MAX Tray Player - Taskbar integrated player allows for easy access to all media files on the computer.
  • Silverjuke - Jukebox with album generation, kiosk-mode, modern and traditional skins.
  • Discotheque Sound System - MP3 DJ mixing software with automatic beat-matching, recording, software dual player, players cue support, and crossfaders.
  • TitleTrack Jukebox - Macintosh program for controlling the Sony line of software 5 to 400 disc capacity music CD Changers.
  • Synaesthesia - CD player that also represents music graphically in players real time as changing field of fog and players glowing lines.
  • Foobar2000 - Multi-format audio player for Windows, low resource usage, features include playback from archives.
  • Blogamp - A web audio player component for bloggers that can be music and audio embedded, posted, or launched in a pop-up window.
  • Acez Jukebox - Player and mixer software intended for consumer and software professional use.
  • JukeANator Digital Jukebox - A Java application that plays MP3, WMA or iTunes songs players and has commercial and non-commercial versions.
  • Winamp - Provides free Winamp player download, community skins and plug-ins, free on-demand audio, video/film, and games.
  • Sound Cue System - Designed for running sound cues and sound effects players for live players theatre productions.
  • AudioPlayer - Windows based, freeware open source media file player written in C. Formats covered include MP3, WMA, and MIDI.
  • Radix Services - PC sample player supports vari-speed, looping, and volume music and audio for each channel. Fully working demo (4 channels music and audio only).
  • Tiny ArtOfNoise Player - Small utility used to replay Amiga made "Art players Of Noise" music and audio or "Chorus" songs on Atari Falcon players computers.
  • XMPlay using BASS audio library - Windows music player supporting MP3 and many tracker formats.
  • DFX Power Technology - Plug-ins to improve the sound quality of many players.
  • Oozic - Player that also gives dynamic visual expression to players music by music and audio displaying graphics.
  • SoundSpectrum - Music visualization software in the form of media players player plug-ins software and standalone products. G-Force, WhiteCap, Darkroom. players Free trial versions.

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