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Free on-line tools including 12-tone row analysis and pitch class. Also "MusicGraph" a tool for graphing music across dimensions.

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  • Chord Arranger Pro - Creates styles from any MIDI file and is able to identify chords and convert song measures into style parts.
  • Ixi Software - Prototypes and apps for composition of experimental music.
  • QuantumPortal - Free software "Blending algorithmic techniques with contemporary Music software Theory to "air brush" compositions."
  • SmartSound Software, Inc. - Sonicfire Pro 4 with Mood Mapping, music scoring software software, and music and audio royalty-free music for video productions.
  • AudioMulch - Interactive musician\\'s environment offers music composition by sound composition synthesis and music and audio "contraptions".
  • Rhythm Rascal - Create drum tracks using any sample WAV files software as drum composition sounds. Flexible, although designed mostly for software Rock and Metal.
  • Virtual Studio Systems - Offers Lyricist and TrackNotes for musicians, songwriters, and home recording.
  • Aspire - Music MasterWorks - [Win]¬†Description and order information of this voice-to-note composing software software.
  • The Palette - Melody composing tool uses composition and harmony theory to help composers develop phrases, sentences, periods, and motifs.
  • Frameworks and Environments - Academic paper defining data structures for general concepts of composition, sound synthesis, networks.
  • ComposerTools.Com - Free on-line tools including 12-tone row analysis and music and audio software pitch class. Also "MusicGraph" a tool for music and audio software graphing music across dimensions.
  • Pymprovisator - For jazz. Set song parameters and program generates MIDI file music and audio with adequate accompaniment. Freeware.
  • Swar Systems - Create music using Indian melodies and scales. Supports composition up to 8 instruments.
  • GrooveLab - Make your drum loops online.
  • ARiADA Project - Researches composition strategies for electroacoustic music.
  • TaalMala and SwarMala - Compose Taal (loops) with Tabla and Pakhawaj (Indian drums). Export composition to WAV or MP3. Also offers the SwarMala sequencer.
  • Drumsite - Drum track creation tool, supports multiple samples and effects.

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