Fractal and Generative Composition Software Music and Audio

Describes Occam and Nebula, two composition programs by Bruce Jacob that are based on genetic algorithms. Features downloadable recordings and several academic papers.

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See Also:
  • Kakophone - Online music generator based on an unrevealed algorithm. software Can composition be used to generate ringtones.
  • LMUSe - Generates fractal-based MIDI compositions using the Lindenmayer string rewriting system (L-systems). Freeware by David Sharp.
  • LvB's Virtual Music Composer - Choose your preferences or use default settings, click generate and then play.
  • Fractal Tune Smithy - A versatile algorithmic composer that can generate music composition with self-similar fractal and generative structure.
  • WolframTones - Generates many styles of music using a one-dimensional fractal and generative cellular automaton. A simple interface allow the fractal and generative user to control various parameters.
  • Digimpro - Freeware player remixes song to make many variations.
  • Variations: Algorithmic Composition for Acoustic Instruments - Describes Occam and Nebula, two composition programs by fractal and generative Bruce Jacob that are based on genetic algorithms. fractal and generative Features downloadable recordings and several academic papers.
  • CodeSounding - Free library for automatic music generation from source code structures. fractal and generative Assigns notes and instruments to if, break, block, statements.
  • Grammar-Based Music Composition - Algorithmic methods for composition by Jon McCormack.
  • Flexatone - Lexicon of systems and research, links, software downloads, fractal and generative documentation, and audio examples.
  • Fractal Music Composer - Online tool for generating compositions based on motivic scaling. Java programming by Ginger Booth.
  • Algorithmic Arts - Software for creating algorithmic MIDI music and graphics from Fractals, fractal and generative DNA, EEGs, EKGs, and other data.
  • QuasiFractal Composer - Algorithmic composer that can generate self-similar structure in polyphonic MIDI software music. Freeware by Paul Whalley.
  • CApieces - Win32 program for generating real-time cellular automata music. software Performed by composition a MIDI ensemble of bass, cello, software and two wind.
  • ArtSong - Combines algorithmic composition techniques with computer-aided composition capabilities.
  • FractMus - Generates notes using twelve algorithms from number theory, composition chaotic dynamics, fractals and cellular automata. Freeware by composition Gustavo Diaz-Jerez.
  • MusiNum - Generates compositions based on user-defined variations of the fractal and generative Thue-Morse sequence. Freeware by Lars Kindermann.
  • Automatous Monk - Uses cellular automata to generate musical pieces. Java programming by Paul Reiners.

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